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Sandalphon, Light in the Valley of Death

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When we dance, we fall apart
But I won't be scared to dance anymore

When we're dead

Don't you realize, our bodies could fall apart?
Don't you realize, our bodies will fall apart?

When we dance

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Oddly enough, when I think of an angel with two bodies I think of Israfel.

is there a place where we can get high res desktop backgrounds?

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Your art is amazing strange-alia, tried to make up an extra adjective. 
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Truly breathtaking! :clap: 
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Everything dies sooner or later.

If I were to die,

Falling apart in a dance is

Sweet demise compated to others.

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Hell yeah ma boy Sandalphooonnn!!
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Marvellous work. I love your painting style!
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Great creature design, I love the unsettling way they're floating~!

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Cool, very, very cool.
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Interesting appearance of those creatures.
Nice creationary piece.
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I like this version better - the palette, his / their gives a much more defined aura of "creepy, serene beauty" that I've always associated to your portrayal of angels. It also appears -subtly - that life springs from where they pass.

As always, excellent work.
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That gives chills

Keep on amazing work

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You know what they say about big claws.
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Squint your eyes or look at the thumbnail, and it looks like there are two black geese taking into the air.
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WHOA!!!!!!!!!ClapClapClapI am a dummy!I am a dummy!I am a dummy!.      
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Whoah it's pretty! :heart:
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