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Samyaza, King of Kings

When the Watchers were a chorus, they had no names. They were formless and as one. Each Angel whispered together amidst the song of the cosmos. They sang of nothing and everything. No will or thought, only light. A boundless existence.
As they sang, a single mote of something, of nothing, passed through the Angel’s light and cast a speck of a shadow down upon the earth. Beneath the stars, that shadow looked back at the heavens and saw himself for the first time. In that moment he took a name. Samyaza.
One by one, Samyaza called out for his brethren and they bowed to meet him. He was the giver of names. Lord and king. There were none before him and none after.

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Isn't this also the "one eyed" watcher? Look up the Jewish legends and Book of giants. In one of those it says he hangs upside down with one eye closed.

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Now that is impressive. Wonderful art. 
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WOAH Wow!. This is beautiful 
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I like how his necklace looks like the Egg of the King
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Such exquisite work! Your blends are smooth as hell and your tones are perfect. You're a badass!
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I love the little stories that accompany these.
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Very cool piece.
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beautiful and smooth textures and soft soothing colors! ^_^ 
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Great googly moogly, what talent. I came to give you a llama and spent fifteen minutes staring at your amazing art instead.
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That's just damn pretty.
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This is pretty fucking cool. Any influence from the Persians, or is the King of Kings name just coincidence?
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star wars fanart?
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Awesome, but I think it could be better with more effect or peps by playing on the light and contrast ; great work
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This makes me think of Dune for some reason. 
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