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Sahaqiel, In The Great Expanse

The Sky
The scholar fashioned wings
of his design
and leapt from the citadel,
drifting amid radiance
toward injury and fame.
What bondage is weight?
Even in burial
we ascend.
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This art is so beautiful and the character is very aesthetically pleasing I-

I want make tattoo of this

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i love the head piece

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hi darling

I'm waiting for ya here

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how are people so talented 🤔 btw i love this i- ✨
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The colours and the light looks so realistic. Awesome work!

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@BatMed now, would you take a look at his gallery? It's simply fabulous!

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I'm living for his "Angel of Death" evolution <3

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This is stunning!

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Beautiful ✨❤️
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I saw Made in Heaven for a moment.
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This art is golden and creative
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Incredible! Love the colors!
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I love this. Great job
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