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Raziel, Angel of Mysteries

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Your art is awesome! The atmosphere on this one is amazing 😍 Very nice work!

DunkleMaterie's avatar
Hoarding Wisdom just so that others cannot have it is an act of wordlyness. Shame on this Angel. B-)
karidyas's avatar
Very interesting wings, like they're made of paper. Very cool.
alithking's avatar
Impressive artwork. 
VirtuousVirtuoso's avatar
I literally made this account to post this because damn did I feel smart translating it.

Hslfow z nzm svzi nv
Should a man hear me

Ovg srn urmw ivorvu
Let him find relief

R'n tozw blf gllp gsv grnv gl urmw nv
I'm glad you took the time to find me

R zn mlgsrmt drgslfg srwrmt
I am nothing without hiding

Mlgsrmt hgroo drgslfg urmwrmt
Nothing still without finding

Btw conceptually and visually the concept of more abstract and less human angels was always appealing to me.
Aeso3's avatar
Amazing art! 
Cicada123's avatar
like your art earned a watcher!
Lucien-Altanis's avatar
I like how you derived mysteries from the meaning of Raziel, which is "The secret of God!
pirastro's avatar
i like his paper wings <3
Beautiful! I love the paper wings.
FLUOCraft's avatar
Amazing work! make me thought about Diablo3 Angels.
EmirSc's avatar
My son name is Raziel, love the art.
ABlueBanana's avatar
I just love the wings and the clothing of this one. (ᵔ‿ᵔ)
PandoreanPheonix's avatar
..whats' One(1) Minute more?  the Call of the Great One or a World of Flighty Ragnarok! *Pish Posh*  what a Gaaaahwd!'
dude i love these is there a manga anime or story behind these?
Dragonflysunning's avatar
The wings are so different - it's very interesting
Oysterking45's avatar
This is definitely my cuppa tea!
Regiking's avatar
Anyone know how to translate that phrase? I've seen it before, but I don't remember...
SwedishLuck's avatar
I wasn't trying to be a smartass... But actually, it is. It's spelled רזיאל. Most angel names are originally in Hebrew.
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