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Rahab, Keeper of the Faith

Rahab ferried the bodies of the dead into the sea. His promise to mankind was to bring them to a place where they would never be disturbed. They prayed that the abyss would give the dead peace. No one could know for sure except the grim Watcher. That dark place was his home and his alone. The passage into darkness was a place of no return. That is its nature.

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I feel so mad at myself that I can't make this kind of godly art

A very lovely piece

You're not alone in that sentiment. I've got 500+ art ideas on a list that I either wanted to work on or commission. The frustration that comes from (in my case) lack of talent or skill can be maddening...

Great job by the artist. Keep it up.

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Très réussi ! ^^
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This looks great! I especially like the hair~ :D

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He have a books there! So he's not as bored as I thought.
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I dont have the words to describe this pleasant emotion the memories thiz brings to me and the shock that you decided to paint this.
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Excellent concept. I love the composition of this one, its nice to see a close up of the features.
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awesome ! there is a lovecraftian feeling in it ! Dagon is not far :)
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your work is amazing
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This is absolutely stunning!! Wow Instafave!!!
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these are always so pretty
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I love the details in this artwork. Nicely done!
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cool; well done!
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Aww, he has a pet shark.

I wonder what book he's reading.
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