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Penemue, Angel of the Written Word

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What hath been wrought
Across the fiery hilltop

These sculptures of men
Whose names the Angels forgot



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Ever since first word was written
With lit'rature we've all been smitten.
Sacred ode or "bodice ripper",
And Cinderella's glassy slipper,
Moby Dick, Attack on Titan,
Tales of love or things that frighten.
To Penemue owe we this art
Of writing down what's in our heart.

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someone stole your idea and put this skin on witchdoctor from dota2
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God, she is gorgeous
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wiki: "He is a curer of stupidity in man"
me: ....good luck with that xD
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IR , Asi Que  Este  es el ángel  Que  yo  juro  por ?  Eso  no Es Un santo  Saulo  de Tarso ,  el patrón de los  escritores  y de  lo  Que El  ja  ninguna  Hecho tan mal en mi escritura . 
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Shy away from life now, `Tis the Privy of no other-than, The Gnome of Faceless and the Cleaned Scabbar'D!!!.!
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She reminds me of Lissandra, the ice witch. Amazing :)
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llove the detail and ur use of light love the concept ...u sure can paint :)
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Now this is awesome, one of my favs
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I need the angel of the written word to remove my writer's block
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penemu in indonesia means "founder"
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How can she write if she can't see? huehueeuheueh
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good question XD
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So much impression, fantasy and masterpiece. I can't watch your arts without falling in love with ur arts ^^ spectacular artworks, you are a real master of your craft )
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