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Netzah is brilliant and withstanding. Netzah is trial and the exaltation of endurance.

Beneath this stone, I am Glory. Tension and suffering pushing me down and burying my face in the muck.

But even then, I am sweet fire ablaze the torch, burning in the abstractions between agony and patience.

-a mantra of Netzah

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Dat guy is suck a mess!
Amazing piece and quote!!
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Thanks for your art
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Man, technical skills can be developed...but conceptual skills on the other, yours are top-notch!
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a montra as great as one as I in the countanence of yet one, but no other as you:

Good Grief is a Bread with soupy waters the Dark can but Dine for only a now or Two
the Wilds of Powered Coin are only as soft as the Nile beneath the lines in good dews'
to temper is no just yoga of froth but the Pimper-Nail of anothers' Lovers' *POOP!
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Despise everything, it is all but himself first that believes the giant weight upon him, as, as we can see, there actually is nothing on his shoulders. What do you see?
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yoh... great comment
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this is extremely inspiring, especially for me because of what iv'e been going through lately. i think your work is brilliant and excellent, with masterful concepts, emotions, truths, and incentives. fucking awesome!
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Wow.... wow... i think master Beksinski would be daaaamn proud! Great job again 
Exquisite and inspiring...
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you are crazy talented
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what is he holding up? not clear
He's holding up the shadow behind the berg. You can tell by the way his hands fit the contours of the shadow, especially his right hand.
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does it have to be clear? :) it is art...
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Yeah it does, actually. Because that's the point of its existence. Description.
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No. Art is purely for interpretation. It's awesome to know what the artist intended, but personal symbolism is important to art. No one sees all the same.
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It's amazing ! I love your art !+1 follower ...sorry for bad english, i'm french
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Arretez avec les sry bad english si vous avez dit que 4 mots XD
Sinon jsuis d'accord c'est magnifique ! *0*
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Isn't Netzach Hebrew? I mean , was that your source? Same question for your other drawing"Gevurah"
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So beautiful. I don't remember the last time I was so moved and inspired by someone's art.
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Wow, like a traditional painting
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