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MtG: Island

An Island I did for Magic the Gathering: 2012

copyright Wizards of the Coast
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Ah! This brings back many fond memories of annoying my friends with Invisible stalker and Harbor Bandit. This has always been my absolute favorite, even more so than other such lands like the full-art lands from Zendikar. I have looked at this piece for days, I would reckon. Say, is that little cluster of trees at the top of the formation a throwback to the #338 (according to Oracle, #337 as printed) Island from 8th edition? Or am I just reading a little too far into things?? 

I would love to know. Well, no matter what, you have to be my favorite artist from MTG. I hope to see more of your work soon!
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Is a print of this available anywhere? My favorite mtg island.
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Island: the best card in Magic. I love the art!
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this is amaaazing! :D
Wow Lol makes me wonder wat it looks like inside
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One of the coolest Islands I've seen. Keep it up!
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I have this card, along with the others from the set
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Cool island concept! :)
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What have I just posted ? I wanted to write a smiley :c
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It was done digitally? Wow, did not know that - it looks like oil or acrylics. Most digital paintings look somehow unreal, too perfect, if you understand what I mean. But this one really looks like it is painted. I like that, I'm a big fan of traditional art in MtG.
And most of the time when I look at MtG art, I think to myself: "Give it up, you will never be that good.", but somehow this thing here looks somehow "possible". Maybe if I try harder I will be able to do something like that as well - maybe one day.
However, well done, keep going. And thanks for uploading.
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I dont think Ive played Magic The Gatherring in the last 10 years.
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my favorite island art :D
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I have some of these cards :D
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That's certainly an awesome concept.
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I love his Island more than any other. It's an amazing drawing.
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you should get the Magic Set Editor. :D
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I'd tap that, and extract delicious blue mana.
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so cool dude, i own so many of these. lol
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i have a few copies of this card :)
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