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Malahidael, Angel of Aries


The Instigator

The moment before we act, there must be an impulse to begin. Sometimes this force comes from our own will and sometimes it seems to arise from nothing. From the abyss, Malahidael emerges, bringing with it the strength to enact change. We are close to this Angel whenever we take action. It is the power to be present in the moment and the wisdom to prepare for the future. There is always danger in its presence, but more hardship without it.

Thanks to all my subscribers on Patreon for making this series possible!
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:headbang::stupidme::stupidme:Great Artwork :squee::squee::stupidme::stupidme:Amazing :stupidme::stupidme:

On Impulse, Aries can relate. Beautiful 
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Love the way the face mask/helm looks! OR maybe thats just its face @_@
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Nice painting.
pjenz's avatar
totally awesome, the details are just amazing :heart:
LadyTeaTime's avatar
I have been waiting so long to see my Zodiac Sign as your artwork, holy heck!! About time!! xD

But seriously, it is really good and I love this. I have always enjoyed seeing your artwork and to finally see Aries... Ugh, my heart.
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Amazing work :D
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I can't wait to see the Taurus one, i hope that it will be amazing, just like this one!
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I really enjoy the little stories describing the angels. They're just that little thing to make an already amazing illustration all the more impressive.

Do you make them up yourself or do you use something as a source?
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2000+ fav, 30 comments, people are getting really lazy in expressing their love for art ^^'
Awesome design!
neokamatari's avatar
Great palette of colors and an amazing pose & background. I do not want to be againts Malahidael.
NightLancerX's avatar
Nice description. I also wondered which part of me was responsible for lifting me out of bed, when I was thinking about something completely different and did not really want to get up, but at some point I still get up. Now I have the answer)
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I love these designs so much. They're always so creative. 
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My boi Malahidael. Great stuff !
shiMusa's avatar
Great Colors and shapes! :D
vanBlood's avatar
ThatGoodStranger's avatar
how long does it take you from thought to completion to complete a work?
YasmeenAl-Wa2l's avatar
god!! how you get such an ideas for characters ?! 
Wow! you are awesome! if i could draw like u i would die happily .
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