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Supreme glory. Hod's presence calls for submission, prostration and unfettered love.

Hod's glory veils even the Sun.  It is said, in some parts, the Sun's rays only shine in the space left behind by Hod's radiance. The Sun existing only in deference and awe. Splendor submits to Hod and beauty fails before Hod. The sky withers and retracts and all that can remain without Hod languishes in mediocrity. Yes, Hod is greatness, but the price of knowing such brilliance is the sundering of one's own 'self'. Why should we bother to know our own visage or to look even at the Sun while we choose to remain so ignorant of what Hod is? It is all darkness by comparison...

-ramblings of a blind stowaway when the Captain asked his identity.

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Wow...that's just killer on several levels!
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This was so good I created a deviant account just to Favorite it
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I do love this, beautiful in every manner; is there a wallpaper available? Entirely for personal use, of course. Maybe even a poster purchasable? Would love to~
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If it's A graphic novel when is it coming out
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Very Beksinski-like. Love it!
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Without pain no coming is neigh despite the breakfasts of tea and sugar'd Cane!&
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This reminds me of Bekinski. Gorgeous. 
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Love this!!!!!!!Clap Clap Clap 
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Dei lucem.
No doubt this is my favorite. The positioning of hands refers to something more oriental, like Amaterasu. I have no more to say. 're Perfect. I wanted to see this angel on Judgment Day.
Very intriguing take on the concept. A delight...
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I really dig your style. You've got a whole vibe or genre to your work that's fascinating and mysterious.
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I'm awestruck by how beautiful this is :O
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Looks like a super powerful wizard
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"Hod" means a glorious form of respect, but not glory, which is "Tehilla".

But anyway, this is freaking awesome! One hell of a good job :)
Jeez it's like I've stepped into another dimension. Thanks
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Hello Pete! Incredible work! Is it ok to share this on my Instagram? I'll list any credit info you want me to list. Have a good one!
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Wow Peter! This is stunning!
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Love the colors on this one.
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That is so awesome!
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great drapery!
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