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Simply love, kindness and understanding. The Sephirot that repairs the world with gentle embrace.

Forlorn, compulsory, like a deep river or a dispute calmed by touch and remembrance. Like undine tears, that don't fall, they cascade. Formed formless. The measure of simple and devastating things, like warm embrace, forgiven sins and Love. Ephemeral and - I beg your pardon my son, my answers are tangled in the labyrinth of your question. How does one succinctly describe the font from which kindness springs? Such is the mystery of Hesed.

-a conversation between Father and Son, overheard, under the shade of a Tree

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Excellence!! Especially love  this!
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Man I wish I had something like your imagination. 
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Belief, that is a strong word to be thrown in the mix, but you seem to have brought forth my religious side.  Just a smidge, mind you, but you have done a wonderful job with this.  I am speechless at the majesty of it.  I thank you for posting this beautiful masterpiece to share with us all.
Your work is beautiful! Thank you for posting!
so how can this be a 'fallen' angel if she is kind and loving?
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They are fallen because they didn't have the same believes as god
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It is a mother goddess covered with tenderness and protection. He is embracing the moon as a mother earth the wounded child.
This're perfect, man! A thousand congratulations for your work! (one of my favs)
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your works are extraordinary, they bring to mind the masterpieces of Zdzisław Beksinski
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Thank you for saying that name, Zdzisław Beksinski! I looked it up and, as destiny would have it, I was listening to Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack. Then I gazed upon its greatness.


I went AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Wow. That guys art is amazing. At first I was going to say this artwork reminded me of Salvador Dali, but thank you a million for broadening my horizons. After seeing them, yeah, it totally reminds me of Zdzislaw Beksinski. And Dali, but wow. Mad Max and that artist. Wonderful together!

And to PeteMohrbacher: Once again, beautiful stuff! Sci-fi brain-warper!
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Yes. Do you know of any other artists like that that I may never have heard of?
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But that's ok. If you think of any or find any, feel free to let me know. I'm always looking for new styles.
Have you ever heard of Simon Lee? He does some Alien like sculptures. Very good I think. He has a lot of stuff. Here's one:…
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wow your style is amazing !

 I made this to inspire you

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I can imagine all your work in a Final Fantasy Video Game. Epic stuff right here
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I like the description and the abstract surrealism
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I can't get enough of these renditions. Spectacular!
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This reminds me a lot of Zdzisław Beksiński's art, and that is not a little compliment. Amazing job!
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It's like Sargent's Smoke of Ambergris meets Beksinski…so freaking rad
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That's unearthly beautiful, especially the description!
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