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Gadreel, Angel of War


Upon the hill we saw

a figure wreathed in red.

With smoke around it rising

it sang to the newly dead.


"Do not give what cannot be taken"

It's mouth did not move.

"There is no country for us,

and no fruit within this grove"


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dpcdpc11's avatar

Nice work! Congratulations:)

Ehsol-namu's avatar
okay that spear seriously looks like the red thingy spear in evangelion must be a biblical thing since evangelion is influenced by it a lot
TheSapphireMelon's avatar
Oh my god I saw this picture like 4 years ago, and ever since I've been searching for it. I needed to find the pale spiky guy with the helmet and the hollow sword. Suddenly I found a guy on DeviantArt whose art style looked almost identical to the way I remembered that picture. After sifting through pictures I forgot why I came and was just enjoying the work, then WOAH LOOK OVER THERE THAT IS THE ONE! So that's pretty rad, keep doing what you're doing man. This stuck with me for the majority of my teenage years after one viewing.
EloAngui's avatar
I knew it!!! Angel of war is Blind. Must be!!
Banjoker's avatar
Blind rage perhaps?
l0wl's avatar
tis a hat. he fights in the shade
sonitadexash123's avatar
Amazing art, holy shit! reminds me of the Mass Production Evangelions, and the spear reminds me of the Spear of Longinus! 
OpSig-Stabber's avatar
Those red vines remind me of that 2005 version War of the Worlds movie; rather fitting considering this is an Angel of WAR.
GohsArt's avatar
This is Fukyn epic!
Beck-kun's avatar
Oh this is so beautiful! Your art is absolutely amazing.
InfernoProject's avatar

Not exactly, but it definitely is based off of that Friggen Bident.

boodlemoo's avatar
incredible imamgination!
NemTheIntangir's avatar
Lance of Longinus 😁 Im amazed how you do such masterpieces. Do you use graphic tablet and some programs ?
Anj333's avatar
This is just too beautiful <3
no more words :D
charliefinn's avatar
I love this! Heart  The contrast is beautiful. 
taintedpencil's avatar
Hey, can I just be you? thanks lmao
BasicallyDoodles's avatar
Have my babies pls
fakemaster2014's avatar
this look so crazy, i like it :)
ViikingitValk's avatar
Amazing. Disturbing, just like it should be and still wraped in the pure beauty. 
Avieshek's avatar
That resolution can't help anyone
Corvus-Von-Veritas's avatar
Arx05's avatar
Love the use of red on white/gray. It's just unsettling enough in all the right ways! 

Edit: Any chance of these going back up as prints on your store at any point? 
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