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Fiefdom of Angels: Issue 0

A cover I did for an upcoming comic called 'Fiefdom of Angels'

If you want to see some of the process that led up to this, go here: [link]
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the process Link is not working .
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woe wow love this . air of mystery since the face is not fully revealed.  and the depth in the background and around is chaotic and keeps my eye moving around.
I like the angle on the sword . And how the hilt kind points to the sky . Really dramatic, and style is great.
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Hello sir, I found this being sold on ebay.  I just wanted to let you know that this store on ebay is selling your artwork.  Below this message is a link.  As person who loves the arts and creativity your artwork is wonderful; no one deserves to have their hard work stolen.  Please sue these people.…
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This armor... it's PERFECT and actually keeps this angel safe from a stab wound to the torso or an imploded war-bra (but is this angel male or female? It could be both). I want to see more of this!
I also really like the smoky feel of the piece and the glint of the sword - that's so cool!
Great, great work! 10/10!
Just when I thought it couldn't get any doper, this armored up angel ties to stab me....Thanks OneVox.
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like the angel of the apocalypse! )))) really cool!
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Cool, this is really quite bad ass!
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very cool work, my friend
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y u delete WIPNation posts?!?!
lol i would really like to see how this one developed >..>
This needs to be a Magic: The Gathering Card... I'm thinking... 1 black 1 white 5 colorless 7/7 flying, deathtouch, vigilance, when this creature attacks chose one: Tap target untapped creature or destory target tapped creature.

Anyway amazingly beautiful <3
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How to paint an angel without looking like a deutsche lol. Nice work man.
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I meant * how to paint an angel without looking like a douchebag* lol
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awesome painting.
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That is gorgeous, I love it!
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wonderful piece
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i love the pose of that hand just.. angelical , pretty cool conept n_____n
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So beautiful. I love the face in shadow. =)
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Astounding work as always!
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