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Da'at is the blessed container. Da'at is relief and flexible. The grateful bearer of Burdens.

"Ein Soph fills the world with so much Light, it opens the eyes of Creation and widens the mouth of Existence. The many faces of Da'at turn and turn in that Light , catching the overflow within the Crown of the Mind. Da'at holds the Sephirot as some words might carry many meanings.”

-description of Da'at


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Being a symbolic sight artist, I see beyond the interpretation to a deeper meaning, as everything definitely has.  This is a great piece, and I see from your other works of art, that you are in touch with an interesting perspective of a reality that lies deep within our souls.  Thanks for creating your works, and sharing them Clap Heart 
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Makes me think mtg something to do with Eldrazi
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This really embodies burden-bearing in a deep, actually essential way (in all its meanings). Bravo
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danielmarquezartProfessional Traditional Artist
loving the thin shapes
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It remembers me Dali's artworks.
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PlanetAMVHobbyist Digital Artist
damn that looks so...
weird, but beautiful.
really love it man.

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BillyNikollHobbyist Photographer
Looks so dreamy!
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Es realmente hermoso * - *
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hamedShayeghProfessional Digital Artist
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ZaHahahelHobbyist General Artist
universal library where dwells the tablets of palladium and tanzanite ...
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adrianocadauProfessional Digital Artist
well done i especially like the technique you used for it and i love the concept
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dadiart Digital Artist
you have the sense of  atmosphere .
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Damn, that description, deep like the Mariana's Trench.
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That was a funny  comment :)
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StratoxHobbyist Digital Artist
so wonderful
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...creeeeek*   ~`When Shall You Pay Me In Dept, Oh' wicked-Child!  when the pigs run out of sky altogether!   (Wah-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!)  Time for the Shallows to Creep whence again thy due!
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BellaBrightsideHobbyist General Artist
Very beautiful and touching!
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Elise-LucyHobbyist General Artist
I'm just thinking of how awesome it would look if it was small and lying on a shelf in someone's house.
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AesoleiHobbyist Digital Artist
This is a great and imaginative representation of supernatural being :)
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MarcosAlipioStudent Digital Artist
Wonderful artwork, congratulation!
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CocatrolaHobbyist Digital Artist
my favourite emanation!
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thezeskiHobbyist Digital Artist
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