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January 6, 2015
Binah by PeteMohrbacher is serene and evocative of contemplation.
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It is understanding, the thing that brushes the infinite. It is context. Intuitive and contemplative.

A Palace of Mirrors.

All things, in all forms, under all light, are given shape. Under this axiom, potentiality falls away. A Song must begin, Thunder must crash from above, the Sun must rise(All from potential.)If existence blossoms in a Palace of Mirrors, the Light cast there is called Binah.

-description of Binah


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Ich finde keine Worte, die die Schönheit adäquat zum Ausdruck bringen könnten.

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When you offer your heart.

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Did you do Fallujas album artworks?
Lucid-01's avatar
What kind of music do you listen to?

If I may give my input on your question I would say TOOL /pusifer/A Perfect Circle is in his playlist. It is a guess but I'd like to think so.

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Commenting on a picture about context, and here I have forgotten my own. I have no idea what prompted me to ask this question, in the comments of this picture.

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Makes me want to understand all this, by heart
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If Binah interests you, "Kabbalah for the Student" is a great study book IMO.
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Amazing artwork!!!
Yggdrasillion's avatar
u son of a bitch...that's one of the most beautiful things i've seen on this website.
tarotmechanic's avatar
It's absolutely amazing how you managed to visualize and capture the essence something as abstract and complex of the sefirot. I love the entire set, but this one is my favourite. The figure reaching through its own heart is the perfect description of Binah - the Vision of Sorrow. 
SeerLight's avatar
Beautiful! This really reminds me of the manga Claymore
PrincessLudwig's avatar
rodneyjefferson's avatar
This is really great work. It reminds me of hollow to a degree. WHAT CHOICE software did you use; BRAND ADOBE?
Yeah for me too. Maybe I even liked this one better than hollow
TheSlew's avatar
This just remind me of Dali and Beksinski :) One of my favorite, such a great piece of art man, I'm in love with the lights, the composition, the symbols
Well, gj!
kanoarogers's avatar
wonderfully strange
miguelzuppo's avatar
fascinating artwork!
Look what I've found! please check this!…
Fedodika's avatar
This guy on tumblr took a BNW filter and stole this piece, just thought I'd letcha know…
maiconlourenco's avatar
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checked your gallery a bit, I think it's your strongest piece so far
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Hey, Pete! What will you do when you run out of jewish angel names? :D
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