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Baraqiel, The Living Vessel

The rituals Baraqiel performed were an object of fascination for both men and Angels alike. He brought to them the gift of tamed lightning. Despite the widespread appreciation for the fruits of this work, few volunteered to assist. Baraqiel was known not only for the power he commanded, but also his lack of respect for it. His fall was the first to prove that Watchers were not complete in their wisdom or their immortality.

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you know your lore on the book of Enoch? interesting inspiration, as for the other art pieces ive noticed it there too and other works  
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you never cease to amaze me
Khasdannyanlord's avatar
such a magnificent and exquisite details... oh god!
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Another one... another great piece, bad ass too, and may i add he kinda looked reckless to me before i read the words below:D
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The art is incredible, but the story that goes with it is even better. Love your work as always.
gaia081298's avatar
This is incredible! I get a very Qunari from the Dragon age series feel from it and i love it.  It blows me away.
Make money with magic the Gathering please!!!
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wow simply incredible :heart:
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:wow: waaaow, so different, in love! :love:
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Such a stunning piece ! The work on colors is what amazes me the most here.
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this is really stunning
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i love this so much, holy moly <3
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This is cool! Really like the composition in this one since it makes Baraqiel look all the more grand and intimidating. :)
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A wonderful job.
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This is amazing! :heart: Your use of color and design always so inspiring! :) 
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That's a man clearly happy with his life decisions.
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