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Azrael, Angel of Death - Timed Edition Print

Timed Edition Print - Ends  May 31st

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I have watched you since you were born
I wrote your name in my book as you came into this world
I have had an eye watching your entire life
See now, your name fades with time
And now you shall return from whence you came
Delivered from this mortal coil

Let this apple take your body from you
Let my hand guide you to your rightful place
For I am your shepherd

Blessed are the dead
And now you are among them
Delivered from this mortal coil

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© 2020 - 2021 PeteMohrbacher
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For you who have been there since my first breath in my reprieve may you have seen some of my own charts and paths as entertainment and measures for what shall occur after. I take no pride in setting them only hope that my intention is brought forth by its proper context somewhere past the road. Perhaps you are entertained well then at least part of my hope is full filled. Maybe we can laugh together as we walk.

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Phenomenal design! Truly ethereal!

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Cant even begin to find proper words to describe your art. So I'm just gonna say I like it a lot.

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How you can spend so much time detailing without getting sick of the painting is beyond me. amazing work


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this design is spectacular, I love this style, the details are magnificent.

I make you my most sincere congratulations! wonderful!😍

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If I knew how to upvote this I would

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To be honest first edition was more dark and thus more attrative to me.

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nice subdued colors. (: It really works.

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This is very good!👍
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Very cool, very creepy.

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This is awesome

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