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Asbeel, Angel of Ruin

Where did you just go?

You were here with us, and then

We didn't see you leave


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Armaros, Angel of Undoing by PeteMohrbacher Kokabiel, Angel of the Stars by PeteMohrbacher Sathariel, Angel of Deception by PeteMohrbacher Raziel, Angel of Mysteries by PeteMohrbacher Matariel, Angel of Rain by PeteMohrbacher 
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VitaliaDi's avatar
Your concepts are spectacular!
Putrezan's avatar
Wonderfully eerie. Reminds me of the Skeksis.
Saschastraum's avatar
I love the way how the angel holds the skull.
"My little head" *strokes softly*

Amazing work!
therealquin's avatar
holy shit that is spooky~!
MonoAzulino's avatar
Kyrethel's avatar
It reminds me of one of the Shinigami manga and anime Death Note ... .-.
PandoreanPheonix's avatar
Let's talk... *me 1st: *(sing-song _Rendition)

I'm a little tea-pot!  
_Short & stout!!!
HERE is my Handle 
there's not me;spout...
     when I get all steam -up!

*Hear me shout!
..tip-me-over-&Pore me -OUT!
star22nova's avatar
Stunning work!
kaseylsnow's avatar
Gorgeous concept and use of light to portray such a story of emotions. The color palette you chose pairs well with the subject too, feels so dry and empty.
Uskius's avatar
It's the drawing in combination with the haiku that does it for me; I also just really like the haiku(even though it's a syllable over).
Mr-Ripley's avatar
TizianaFR's avatar
I do love your work!!!! +++++
dida5002's avatar
bonsha's avatar
I love the atmosphere of this piece. Reminds me of a biblical plague, probably because of the buildings in the background. Awesome job!
raikohVI's avatar
Check out Zdzisław Beksiński's work, you will love it.
MBO13thXundergroundX's avatar
Amazing picture, very well done...:) (Smile) 
Zebucompany's avatar
i like the idea of an angel of ruin. being in a position of huge power and guardianship over something worthless is a great theme.
noxioux's avatar
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