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Who is your favorite angel from the original series? 

251 deviants said Azrael, Angel of Death
126 deviants said Raziel, Angel of Mysteries
120 deviants said Matariel, Angel of Rain
103 deviants said Hasmed, Angel of Annihilation
83 deviants said Simikiel, Angel of Vengeance
79 deviants said Sahaqiel, Angel of Sky
71 deviants said Rahab, Angel of the Deep
69 deviants said Suphlatus, Angel of Dust
67 deviants said Af, Angel of Anger
55 deviants said Uriel, Angel of Fire


Angelarium is a world of divine creatures.

This is an ongoing project that lives and dies by the support of its fans. This campaign is the foundation for that effort. The support made here will give you access to special rewards but it will mostly go towards the continued creation of new Angelarium artwork and writing.

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Angelarium - Encyclopedia of Angels

The Zodiac:

The Watchers:


Emanations of the Tree of Life:



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Matariel, Font of Life
O lonely fountain, bless us mortals that dwell beneath you
Let our gratefulness abate your sadness
Let our prayers reach you, lonely Matariel
All men and beasts seek your embrace
We beg that you may stretch your hand out to us
So we may continue to praise your generosity
O great muse of rain, O sustainer of life
We patiently await your blessing 

Read more about Matariel here at
Sariel, The Lone Seeker
As the Earth tugs on the Moon, the Moon tugs back on the Earth. For each force, another will always exist in perfect opposition. The lives of men and Angels are similar. Though the power of one may be greater than the other, their existence reflects each other.
When the war started, the Angels that were uninvolved stayed clear of the wave of death that spread across the Earth. To risk one’s immortality on fighting seemed chance not worth taking. Sariel perched above it all, waiting for the wave of bloodshed to roll back. In doing so, his power receded as well. He waited patiently and watched himself waste away. He waited for his time to come, to venture out and regain his freedom amongst the stars.
Read more about Sariel, here at!

Samyaza, King of Kings
When the Watchers were a chorus, they had no names. They were formless and as one. Each Angel whispered together amidst the song of the cosmos. They sang of nothing and everything. No will or thought, only light. A boundless existence.
As they sang, a single mote of something, of nothing, passed through the Angel’s light and cast a speck of a shadow down upon the earth. Beneath the stars, that shadow looked back at the heavens and saw himself for the first time. In that moment he took a name. Samyaza.
One by one, Samyaza called out for his brethren and they bowed to meet him. He was the giver of names. Lord and king. There were none before him and none after.

Read more about Samyaza here at

Kokabiel, the Burning Light
The fair and childlike Kokabiel saw things in the stars that his brother Watcher’s did not. To him, he saw unknowable mysteries unfolding in the night sky. Men came to him, with hopes of divining some earthly meaning behind the movement of the heavenly bodies. Though he spoke with them often, it was difficult to take real information from his readings. The places and things that he described were in vivid detail, but failed to resemble the world in which they lived. At first, the obtuse quality of Kokabiel’s information was seen as a form of higher wisdom, beyond the reach of men’s minds. As time went on, many thought him mad.

Kokabiel longed to return to be among the stars again, forgoing all worldly concerns. As tragedy mounted around him, he did not see it, blinded by the glare of celestial light.

Read more about Kokabiel at!

Rahab, Keeper of the Faith
Rahab ferried the bodies of the dead into the sea. His promise to mankind was to bring them to a place where they would never be disturbed. They prayed that the abyss would give the dead peace. No one could know for sure except the grim Watcher. That dark place was his home and his alone. The passage into darkness was a place of no return. That is its nature.

Visit to see the rest of the Watchers series revisited!

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