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Hi everyone, if you have a twitter account please follow me @PeteDom_Designs

Thanks to every single one of you!!! :) x x
Thanks to everyone who is watching me :) I really appreciate it!! I am in the process of finishing a few pieces and will upload them soon for you guys!

If you have any suggestions for me as to what you would like me to paint/draw, let me know and I will be happy to give it a try, and upload it for you :)

Thanks x x
Hey guys!

Just a quick note to say that I am commissioning my artwork now, if there is anything that anyone would like, it could be a painting for your house, for a gift or a tattoo design, anything, please let me know. Contact me here or on my twitter @petedom_art would really appreciate the help.

Thank you! x x
Can't believe someone on here actually accused me of tracing one of my drawings, with not even an ounce of evidence or truth in the accusation! Just so everyone knows, I NEVER trace any of my work. It's not right, I would feel like I'm lying to everyone and even myself. I'm not saying my stuff is any good, but I'm better than to need to trace! This comment made me really angry, so I just wanted to let everyone know!!

I have a few quick, simple drawings up now that I hope you guys might like! Thanks people, anything you wanna ask, just say!! :) x x
Hi everyone! I'm in the process of drawing and painting/putting things up on here. Has taken me a while so I hope it's worth the wait :) Would love to here of any suggestions from anyone. Thanks! And thanks to everyone watching me :D x