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Got Facebook ?

Quickly check out the official page link for my graphite artworks and hit like to spread the love !…

Im very appreciative of all the support ive had over the years on DeviantART and would it would further benefit my career if you could help the page grow by showing your interest .

Ive had a little hiatus over the last year or so as ive been focusing on other projects and less on photography and drawing , but ive restored my passion and am back onto new drawing projects !

Stay tuned
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  • Listening to: colbie caillat - all of you ( album )
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number three !!!

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had a little check at my last deviation i uploaded and i cant believe it was back in january ! i know my deviations are getting few and far between but i just detest uploading crap for the sake of it thesedays .
ive been working on a drawing , and yes im still working on it ! thats one reason for my tattoo , it takes insane patience for me to draw because i take so long haha
but really the lack of self portraiture is due to the fact that i had a bit of a drama with my body and it made me very conscious to be honest . ive never been one to shy from a bit of flesh on show i know , so im just working on becoming content with myself before i get back into the creative side of things :)
come back with a bang as they say ;)

hahaha not really im just kidding , i just wanted to say that ! i hate not having new images to hear critiques on so when im ready theyll be up !
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check out the an image of my latest work in progress drawing on my twitter page !!!

and if you dont know who that is , dont hold it against me !

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i know ive been non existant on here recently but basically my life has taken a total shift !

new home
new priorities
not so new me , but still , happy !

haha i havent done much artwork but i do always tweet my way through the day , so if you have a twitter and wish to follow me , well . . just go ahead !
twitter link :
i post what i want to on there as everyone does , so sometimes i may be down , angry , or just caught in excitement over something britney haha

hope everyone is well !
soon ;]
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BIG announcement coming soon !!!

cant tell you what it is until it is officially confirmed . but its big , its business , and its GLOBAL .

i'll give you a clue : what do Grace Small , Alys Hale & Rupert Grint all have in common ?
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as i mentioned in my last journal , i have a tiny announcement that might excite some of you , and might bore others (thats ok)

ive started my next drawing !!!

its been too long - 6months to be exact ! since i worked on a substantial piece of work , instead i focused on photography a tad more as i like to practice both and gave myself time to be inspired again . now i am :] and this drawing will be a gift to my best friends beautiful baby girl , from uncle peter to amy :)

above is the reference photo i will be using :]
i cant wait to show you the finished product already ! haha


update - i forgot i cant add a thumbnail preview as im no longer a premium member :( (i really should sort that out) lol but clicking the link should work fine now :)
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pretty overwhelming response (for me personally) to my latest deviation ?!

yes i have no tshirt on but im guessing that has nothing to do with it , right ?
serious , i just want to say thanks ! i was close to not uploading this piece partially because i thought it was too provocative , i dont like to be distasteful on here but im glad i havent recieved any comments suggesting so .

also , new announcement coming soon !
its probably nothing much to many of you , but i know to some its a good thing :)
hope youre all having a great 2011 so far - i know i am ! and weirdly enough ive stuck to my new years resolution ?! :D

ps buy britney spears - 'hold it against me' on itunes ! haha im OBSESSED with the new song :D
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sorry to be so rude but THANK FUCK its 2011 !!!!!!!!
wow was 2010 a baaaad year !
relationships , illness after illness , family troubles , running away , gossip and scandal . . and on the last day of it i had not one not two but THREE of the worst and most shocking situations arise to top it off .

but i dont care about all that .

:D i counted down the seconds to 2011 . new start . im not letting anything get to me (or at least ill try my hardest) .
i am euphoric in spirit that i have put that year behind me ! i was never a believer of new years - it was always just another date to me , but this one set a solid line between the past and the present :) i cant stop smiling ! i got through it !

who knows how many tattoos i will get this year
who will be a part of my life
what i will create
what i will learn

but bring it on ! :D
i honestly wish you all the very best for this year ! we all deserve it because im sure we all had our fair share of troubles :)
and to kick off the year - a VERRRRY appropriate song in my mood box ! haha WHAT THE HELL , do what YOU want ! make yourself happy because no matter what you always have to be there for yourself
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remember this ?

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 19, 2010, 3:55 PM… this is a journal entry i made at the beginning of october ! in it i mentioned the previous years halloween costume and hinted at what i would be doing for this year . well i totally forgot to tell you all about halloween this year !! haha i know i know its almost christmas , my bad ! but anyway my friend viki and i went as . .

Avatar Wallpaper by kigents

AVATAR !!! we went out clubbing and had so much fun putting it all together but even better news was : we won best dressed prize of £1000 !!!! hahaha serious !
and here is the ONLY photos of our costumes :
there was glow in the dark paint , lycra , wigs , prosthetic ears , bodypaint and STILTS !!! yes ! ha check out the photos i promised , just thought id share with you all like i did last year and since i havent been uploading lately :)

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ive also decided

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 16, 2010, 4:43 PM
New ID by lorenmc123
its LOOONG overdue that my friend loren and i do a photoshoot together !!!! haha i mean , loren studies photography daily and owns some great cameras and ideas , and here i am with very few photos lately ? well , as i mentioned i was very unwell but im finally better and feeling somewhat attractive enough to be infront of a camera ! :) i have this great urge to do a themed shoot and nothings stopping me so ? i will speak to loren and we will arrange something . i also want to get some of you to notice loren or at least comment her work with your views and inspire her to take more shots of her own because shes like a little sister to me and im proud of what she does !

in the meantime it would be fun to hear suggestions of what you would like to see from a collaboration from us perhaps ?
macabre , vintage , conceptual , fashion , simple ?
take a second to tell me or loren what you think ;)

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i want another tattoo

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 16, 2010, 2:34 PM
and i want it now .

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cough cough

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 10, 2010, 4:26 AM

im sick .

or at least i have been for 9 days already and am not well entirely yet , i just wanted to let you know about my lack of submissions or tell some of you why a reply has taken a few days . ive been hibernating away in my bedroom (which im sick of the sight of now hah) watching the whole series of the walking dead , endless the hills and awe inspiring films such as changeling , castaway , time travellers wife , ponyo (ok , maybe not all of them are as awe inspiring just a little magical lol) .

usually at times i am sick i would somehow manage to find time to create some pieces anyway like the time i created these i was sick
Kill the Lights by petebritney Kill the Lights ll by petebritney Kill the Lights lll by petebritney
however this time round it was my face that was affected . .

26+ ulcers englufed my mouth . i havent had a solid meal in 9 days and counting . can you imagine the annoyance of having one maybe 2 ? imagine 26 circles on a page then imagine them as pain spots in your mouth . . . ive been VERY frustrated recently with hospital visits and the overwhelming urge to eat chocolate haha but sugar ? no way ! grrrrr anyway ! more art soon i hope ! just wanted to give you a heads up and hope youve all got your christmas presents sorted haha

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attempt number 3 .

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 2, 2010, 3:45 PM

ive come to the conclusion i need to vent . but i dont want facebook . i have too many thoughts in my head . too many things going on . images . memories . and things i read that i just want to pass on .

follow if you have twitter please :]

follow up journal coming soon .

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its not all bad !

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 21, 2010, 4:54 PM
my last journal outlined the negative ways in which the internet can affect our lives and how it had mine , but it annoyed me having that journal displayed on my page , and im past that negativity now so in this im briefly going to mention the good . .

we introduced ourselves some 4 years ago ? ( we cant exactly remember how long its been haha ) but to know someone , to have talked to them 300 odd days of the year , to have been there for each other - good and bad , to listen to the same old confusion and frustrations again and again ( because thats what friends are for ) , to have those around us know them by first names . .

but on friday we will meet for the first time . . . strange , right ?

i fly to nottingham this weekend for a long overdue trip . to meet someone . an old new friend . and i begrudge to say it but i have the internet to thank for this excitement lol


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guess who just got his second tattoo . .

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 6, 2010, 9:48 AM

literally just back from the parlour , havent even taken the wrapping off yet ! haha and i did get it where i wanted , the kindof slightly unconventional place !

photo tomorrow hopefully :D

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new tattoo

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 4, 2010, 2:05 PM
i want it

and i want it now !

haha ok so im dying for my next tattoo , and im going to be putting some deep thought into what i want next :] its crazy it wasnt even that long ago that i got my first tattoo as you can see below  but ive been bitten and am ready for the next !
Patience by petebritney
im already waiting on one of my best friends to mentally prepare herself ( moreso her parents lol ) for hers , our 2 tattoos will link to each other peotically ;] i'll give you details on that when it comes up , but right now i want another !
ive laughed about it with my friends , that im going to make myself into a human book - there are soo many quotes i adore that just instantly give me chills when i relate them to my life so im expecting it to be a text piece ! who knows ! the idea has played on my mind ever since i designed one for another best friend of mine loren :] she asked me to design her a set of doves in the late hours of the night and the very next day we were in the tattoo parlour getting them for her because she loved them so much ! the meaning behind hers is incredible and theyre so sweet on her you should check them out too and tell her what you think
Three Doves by lorenmc123
i have also come up with a rather strange place that i want this new tattoo . . . so if the text works with the idea then you might be seeing something im pretty sure you may not have seen ! :]

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HELP ! . . questions unanswered . .

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 24, 2010, 4:53 PM
like :

what language is this ?

who is this pretending to be me ?

and what does it all say ? !…

i was linked this tonight and at first i thought this was perhaps just another site where people are talking about my images or something , but from what i can make out , this person is pretending to BE me ! ? :/ annoying ! especially when they reference incorrect information and claim that i have a sister ? and also using personal images of me and my friends which is NOT allowed , i have to have my privacy . .

anyone ?

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an insight - 3 voices

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 10, 2010, 5:33 PM
3 voices by petebritney

when we create our own art , it becomes a part of our journal almost , its a part of us . . most of the time through our art we want to express who we are , show ourselves , our interests , use it to outline our life at that present point . i dont know about you but my art is my diary .
i always look back on my work and remember things like how cold it was that day , what i did after i took a certain photo , how happy i was at the time .
tonight i was looking through my photos and when i came to my piece ' 3 voices ' i just stopped . .

i wasnt expecting my own reaction and it almost brought me to tears the memory of why i made this piece . i can remember what i did straight after this photo , what i ate that day , where i drove , what i did , who i was with , the smells , the tastes , how happy i was but most of all how insanely confused i was . . i'll share with you now that i subconsciously submitted this photo as a cry for help . i wanted someone to give me the answer but i couldnt tell anyone what the problem was . i remember telling my best friend - the only one person who knew , that this was the worst thing i had faced in my life and together we couldnt find a solution ! right now looking back however i can see that it wasnt the worst thing in the world it was quite easily the best thing. . its funny how art can mean something to you , and then one day can mean something entirely different ? . i look at ' 3 voices ' and i see a great sadness in my eyes . the confusion just shining through is soul destroying . i now have a love / hate relationship with this piece . love : for reminding me of happy memories , but hate : for reminding me of why they were happy memories .

i dont have a blog anymore , i dont even have a facebook either as i previously told you about , so its nice to come and release some thoughts as i often find writing so therapeutic , but its nicer that i can share those thoughts here as they relate to my art (:
i had an interesting idea that im pretty sure some of you may be intrigued by . i was thinking of ( like i have just done ) taking a piece from my gallery and talking about the thought process behind it . my reasons for creating it . and if i can remember what i ate that day i'll even share that haha (;
if you like the idea and would like to know more about a certain piece just post the title or link in a comment and i will tell you what you would like to know or as much as i feel comfortable ! sound good ?

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