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those eyes . . i cant help from being deeply saddened by the vapid emotion coming from them . though the detail in them isnt the most elaborate the message in them is haunting .
i see a fight in this piece , a fight that has almost been lost ? in most if not all artworks a rainbow colour palette can immediately evoke joy and peace , but here i feel this is not the case . i see no peace here , i see turmoil . the rainbow has been smothered by darkness , the black is almost surrounding the face which lends to my theory that the fight is lost . the red in the eyes suggest this face has been crying for a long time and the drips of course they mimic tears all too beautifully .

the artist note : "never talk about it"
what is 'it' ? . .
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Loochi Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
"never talk about it" is the translation of the title :D
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