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February 7, 2019
Starship Breakers Yard by derbz
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Starship Breakers Yard



The rusting hulks of old star ships broken down for parts and rare elements
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Can only repeat what has already been said: The atmosphere is nothing short of fantastic.
Some may find it a saddening scene, and certainly there is a lot of sentimentality to it, but not so much when you consider what the actual function of a shipbreaker is.
For a ship of the line fortunate enough to have survived to the end of her lifespan, but not fortunate enough to have made history, the boneyard is the reward: No rusting away in ignoble obscurity or endless drifting wrecked in space, but every inch of alunimium stripped and beaten, every gram of gold and zinc extracted, engines stripped for gears and valves, perspex molten, every single bolt and rivet drawn out and its condition assessed.
Soon enough, in new lives in many strange new forms and by strange new names, by the breakers' hands old ships may sail again.