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Hi folks,
here's my brand spanking new Instagram account.… here, you'll find new artwork of mine, and exclusive posts.
Why not have a gander? You'll also find a link to my Fineartamerica site.

thanks for watching

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Hi there,

I've been contaced by MPC about a possible concept art position, but have other comitments and am unable to persue this further. If you know you're amazing, and fancy working in movies, get in touch.

Here's a link to their recruitment page.

PS: don't say I recomended you or anything, I'm just posting the link!…

good luck!

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hope you've all been good for Santa.

luv 'n' snogz

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I've just been hired by Cinesite to make Pixar's steampunk movie look pretty! Man, I've wanted to break into movies for ages, but didn't think I quite made the grade.

Can't wait to get started.

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Here's some more diamonds in a sea quartz who really deserve much more exposure than they're getting, on this site anyway. These guys put us all to shame with their stellar skills. Check them out...

:iconjonone:  jonone aka Dumitrescu Ioan. A Romanian chap with a fantastic grasp of light, palette and especially design. His paintings are often full of the mundane, boring objects of everyday life that help the more fantastical elements stand out.

Underwater by jonone platform by jonone outpost texas by jonone

:iconj-humphries:  Vonmurder: again, another artist with a wonderful, loose feathery touch, and great understanding of light and design. Design wise, there are so many photocopies of photocopies out there. He approaches his subjects from unexpected and delightfully inventive angles.

Bonfire by J-Humphries Rusty Ship 2 by J-Humphries Prarie Schooner by J-Humphries

:iconcaelicorn: Caelicorn aka Rochelle Green. Her images are a riot of splendid colour, sensuous grace and the kind of design that makes you kick yourself for not imagining it first. Here's some my favs of hers.

Lady Mordarante by Caelicorn

:iconandrei-pervukhin: aka Andrei Pervukhin. Jealous, jealous, jealous. He paints the things I'm too chickenshit to atempt, and he paints them with consumate skill and flair. The complete package.

Swamp dwelling monster by Andrei-Pervukhin WW2 by Andrei-Pervukhin Claudius by Andrei-Pervukhin

:icondonlanning: Don Lanning; one of those guys who makes you realise how much there is still to learn. His ideas seem to trip over themselves in their eagerness to get out. Amazing

Vlad, Pinoccio and Blackbeard. by DonLanning Wild Thing Maquette by DonLanning Tictoc 2 by DonLanning

:iconboularis: Aris Kolokontes. This guys knows the psychology of horror and sculpts it like no other.

Finished bat creature bust. by BOULARIS Demon finished. by BOULARIS Chubby vampire. by BOULARIS

:iconartozi: Mateusz Ozminski. There's something in the water in Poland. They keep churning out guys like Mateusz. With insane skills, and passionate arty personalities to match. :)

Sharkon by artozi Savage Bonds by artozi Just scrach me by artozi
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Here's a selection of toooop tunes that are getting a lot of air time on my mp3 player. If you have any respect for me, my art, yourself or humanity at large, you'll listen to every one of them and treasure them as I do. :)

Love me, love my playlist

The Magnetic Fields - When my boy walks down the street…
Faith no More - Everything's Ruined…
Panic - The Smiths…
CSS - Left Behind…
Santigold - Lights Out…
The Ramones - Bonzo goes to Bitburg…
Solomon Vandy - Blood Diamond OST…
Toots and Maytals - Pressure Drop…
Unklejam - What am I Fighting for?…
Duke Ellington - Take the A Train…
Machito and his Afro Cubans ft Charlie Parker -…

What's going round and round your head these days?

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I don't deserve you guys, I really don't. :)

Seriously, thanks a million for the exposure. You've made an ageing praise junkie very happy...again. I'm currently working on some traditional oil and canvas steampunk environments for the 2011 Royal Academy Summer exhibition, and taking my time on them (2 months each or thereabouts) I'll upload the results sometime early in the new year. Fingers crossed that I get selected.

luv 'n' snogs

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A character in an Oscar Wilde story once observed that people "know the price of everything and the value of nothing." I'm having a dillema pertinent to this witicism.

Here's the deal. After 20 years I'm dusting of my brushes and paints, and making oil on canvas copies of several of my recent sketches. Trouble is, I have no idea what price tag to place on them. My first effort is a 30"X40" copy of my Wrong Turn sketch The results have exceeded my expectations. A side by side comparison reveals minor differences at best. I'm not selling it for less than £1000, I've spent too long working on it for that. How would/do you guys price your own original productions? Do I need an agent?

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Hello m'dears,

here's my latest beastman and dinosaur models. Lemme know what you make of them.

lotsa love

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I've started a new group. aesthetic-pioneers.deviantart.… Here's the lowdown/mission statement.

This group is a place for like minded people to meet, exchange ideas, theorise, and generally raise our aesthetic awareness. The last few years has seen an explosion of interest in digital art. Much of this has been driven by huge growth in the computer games industry. An inevitable consequence of this has been that games and mass media in general has been a huge influence on the style of artists; professional and amateur alike.

Where else do we look for inspiration? How can we put a proud stamp of distinctness and dare I say, originality on our work? In order for our work to stand out from the crowd, I would argue that we need as broad a range of source material as possible.

I've been in the games business for about 14 years, and have seen many portfolios that are indistinguishable from each other. Art directors invariably dismiss these out of hand, and employ the artists who draw inspiration from a variety of unexpected sources.

Feel free to invite your friends too

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Thanks for the kind words on my last Daily Deviation. Its put the wind back into some flagging sails.

You lovely lot

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Thanks a million folks. Your kind words are a great encouragement for a jaded old praise junkie like me. I'll get around to replying to y'all when time permits.

love 'n' snogz

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Here's a few amazing artists I've found in the last few weeks. They should be shouting these guys names from the rooftops! Pay them a vist, you'll be glad you did.

AH Rogue sculpt by TKMillerSculpt   AH She Hulk Color by TKMillerSculpt A couple of great examples of SculptorTim (aka TK Miller's) work

hellboy by rieraescultura-art Juan Matias Riera, a great young Argentinian sculptor

POISON IVY SKETCH by nachomolina ADRIEN GHYSTAR Level 2 by nachomolina Nacho Molina, an amazing Spanish fella

Mature Content

Vampirella 18 by rvbhal

Mature Content

Vampirella 19 by rvbhal
rvbhal. Man, if I could sculpt like this guy....

vampire mask 4 by dreamfloatingby This woman's grasp of anatomy is second to none. I don't think I can show the nudes on this journal though. They're well worth the look though.
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I'm currently listening to Williams' Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack. I heartily recommend it. There's so many varied influences in there, from outright jazz, to medieval music played on authentic instruments. Aaaaanyway, I'd better get going. This Parisian themed catwalk isn't gonna design itself.

luv 'n' snogs


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Sun Jan 18, 2009, 9:38 AM
Russia's answer to Joy Division.

Why are they not better known? This tune fuckin' ROOOCKS!…

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Here's… a small selection of my favourite movie themes. These days, while I'm working I pretty much exclusively listen to orchestral stuff like this. Lyrics seem to distract too much.

What do you guys listen to when you're working?

PS: there's a 3d model of a spinosaurus on the site too. I've been working on it for ages. Fianlly nailed the sucker.


Costume Design at its best

Sat Dec 13, 2008, 12:31 PM

this movie has the best costume design I've ever seen in the medium. I've always prefered the realistic, day to day end of costume design. No unnecessary, implausible baubles, bells or whistles in sight. Often in visions of the future, everyone is dressed in tailored couture. Nah, not in my future.

In this scene… we have the best examples of the costume designer's art you're likely to see. Skip to 3 min 19 seconds in, and check out the dude Deckard pushes onto the car. There's a couple of other guys behind him, dressed the same way. Now, it might not seem much, but this particular design tells you enough about the setting you're in. I've never seen anyone wearing anything like this, so I can see he's not of our time. The designer didn't need to labour the point that we're in the future with spandex or chrome fittings. They took familiar themes, and gave them just enough of a twist to sell the idea. Watch the rest and be amazed. My friends grow tired of my near obsession with this movie, but its just too beautiful for words, and has shaped my outlook on art profoundly.