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future city 1

By PeteAmachree
If there's one thing I love, its making future cities. This is for another game that never made it much past the concept stage.
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Splendidly 1920s/1930s. I can imagine this on the back cover of Popular Mechanix, explaining that this is how we will live in the far-off year 2000!

JonGerung's avatar
Great Art Deco piece!
PoeticLotusCreations's avatar
This reminds me so much of Metropolis it's not even funny!!! And Casshern for some odd reason. Not sure why!
Aerekplus's avatar
I'm curious which game this was for, and what the game was going to be about.
EnsembleDarkPony91's avatar
Reminds me of Metropolis
stadium158's avatar
I want to go!!  :)
Epistellar's avatar
Makes me think of a futurist image from around 1900, or the movie Metropolis. Awesome. 
Ultraiveta22's avatar
Very much it is delightful
I'm gonna take it as an inspiration for my imperial dieselpunk dystopia^^ Thanks for the great work!
Cranger10's avatar
Looks like metropolis
poppadopadum's avatar
Why haven't we built a city like this yet?
awesomepeace's avatar
Perhaps some beautiful day in the future.
poppadopadum's avatar
Perhaps, though it is a shame it would likely never be such an Art Deco dream as this is.
LejdiRamona's avatar
amazing, you are extremely imaginative person, i love your art
zattik's avatar
Oh very nice, and it appears that you looked for inspiration in retrofuturism, it resembles certain ideas of how people around 80 years ago thought cities would be.
The0Bourne0Fluidity's avatar
Holy crap, this is epic... adding to fav's
seancumiskeyart's avatar
This is incredible.
jvenegas's avatar
So... this is the Middle East right now. no wonder the US is so worried.
Qoi1994's avatar
Reminds me of Metropolis. Both the 1921 movie and the anime version which I forgot when it came out.
KenichiOhme's avatar
have you ever thought of adding some MC Escher influence?
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