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By PeteAmachree
Another post apocalyptic 'after man' type scene. I'm going through phase where this is all I want to paint. Perhaps I've got mental problems.
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I really love this picture painting artwork the idea of a future city abandoned and a new climate or natural area took it over !! Keep such coming as much as you are able/
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Nothing wrong with post-apocalyptic stuff. :) This looks great btw. Very inspirational for a book I am currently working on.
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call me weird or hypocrite... but I really want to this happen!Sweating a little...  
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mental problems? Are you kidding me? This is a MASTERPIECE!, got that clear?! XD
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life in this city would be far simpler than life in the city it once was.
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this picture is so cool!!! the buildings covered in moss, the falls... I love it!
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wow, esta genial me gusta la idea de los edificios como cascada Clap 
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i dig this kind of apcopalyctic scenes. Theres lots of people who just copy mad max-fallout shite
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this piece is so striking ,it is filled with eeriness and irony and it is so chilling ,and to me it also reminds me
that no matter what we do ,the earth can and it will take it back.
You have an amazing talent and a mind that i would like to step into...
Keep the good stuff coming...
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I would like to feature your great image on my visual arts blog on Amazing Stories - [link] - credited and with a link back to the image on DA, of course!
The blog is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 August - you'll be able to find it by following the link above.
Please let me know if this is NOT ok with you! :) Thanks, and keep up the good work!
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I keep telling you your post-apocalypse stuff is great, so if it turns out to be a mental problem please let me know... :)
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I've always had a thing where I can look at a street or town or scene in a city and been able to picture it completely deserted and retaken by greenery. I don't really understand it, but it's fascinating, and it builds this whole strange love of scenes like this. Amazingly done, it's a beautiful work of art. :)
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I think its Beautiful.
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you've been blessed with awesome mental problems mate!

Great work, how long did this take?
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Keep the mental problems up :D
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I like that phase! :D

We need more post-human landscape art.

Is this an homage to "Hothouse: The Long Afternoon Of Earth" by Brian Aldiss & Dave Gutierrez?
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I did have Brian Aldiss in mind at the time, yeah
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This is amazing, thank you for this wonderful thing. It's like a very nice gift for my eyes!
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This is a striking image... it draws me right in!! :wow:
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