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Guest List Blues

By PeteAmachree
Personal piece. This is dedicated to anyone who's ever been refused admitance to a club for some lame ass reason. Here's a selection of mindblowing tracks I had on a loop while I worked………
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Giac0mo's avatar
nice impession
Clarity92's avatar
Feels like a mix of Rapture and Blade Runner's future LA. Beautiful work!
BloodyTiara's avatar
I love how much life and energy is in this piece. Deserving of 10,000 Daily Deviations and its own museum!
Starsong-Studio's avatar
I would like to feature your great image on my visual arts blog on Amazing Stories - [link] - credited and with a link back to the image on DA, of course!
The blog is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 August - you'll be able to find it by following the link above.
Please let me know if this is NOT ok with you! :) Thanks, and keep up the good work!
OzelotStudios's avatar
I love the dystopian and lucorious feel in all your victorian/steampunk images.
You are a great inspirer and artist! Wish I knew somebody that could draw that good
to help me develop my huge dystopic-sci-fi-steampunk-gothic-militaristic story :)
diamondj's avatar
Got a real Blade Runner Colour/Rain effect going on there, mixed with the "Steampunk" styling this is a real stunna :)
axis000's avatar
I just love the colors on this one! Amazing work!
Foxtrek64's avatar
reminds me of rapture
Abbyanna's avatar
Beautiful use of color!
RawSunlight's avatar
Dear God, the light, the light! Awesome work! :)
Wide-Load's avatar
I promise we don't deny people cause we want to. There are usually 3 or more people from the higher-ups squawking in our ear telling us how to do our jobs.

So I apologize for all the bouncers that were ever jerks to you
dzmcm's avatar
Thanks for sharing the art. And a special thanks for sharing the music. Classical music is so easy to appreciate but so hard to look for unless you have the education. It grieves me that I have to look outside of my own culture to find this kind of beauty in sound (I'm American...Texan).

This image is really a lot more complex after a moment than at fist glance.
Eyestrain's avatar
I think what i'm most impressed about is how you suggest so much detail without really cleaning it up too much.

Take a print of this to the next club you wanna get into and bribe the bouncer >_>
PeteAmachree's avatar
I would, but I fear my clubbing days are way behind me. :)
Eyestrain's avatar
Then take it to fancy restaurants and see if it works the same way...? :XD:
leseraphin's avatar
Amazing job with the colors, I definetely love it :D
PeteAmachree's avatar
ralna7's avatar
Beautiful work! :love:
:xmas::santa:Happy Holidays!:santa::xmas:
PeteAmachree's avatar
Thanks Raina. I'm glad you liked it :)
latur's avatar
great! simple strokes and right colours and composition brought together with big talent.
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