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Fable II spell concept

I worked on Fable II for a few months as a concept artist. I'm not sure if this spell made it into the final game
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They look like badass versions of the knights of Ni.
Nice work. I would have loved to see more high fantasy stuff like this in the game.
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Awesome! playing this right now haha :D
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Horses HAS to be one of the best ideas for fable.. :P..
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What type of spell is he using?
ChibiCultist's avatar
love this game and i always get raise dead <3 so thanx so much for the hours of awsome gameplay
ChchchchiaDomi's avatar
What was the spell? Summon dark riders?? Awesome 8D
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I love Fable 2, I am saving up for Fable 3... Even though it has been out for ages. But why not get it while everyone else is glued to their screens playing Skyrim?
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this would have been awesome summon spell in Fable 3 against the Darkness
What was this spell's name? I would say it was a summon spell like raise dead
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Awesome! Too bad this isn't a spell...
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good color use, and shadowing,

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and tell me what you think
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love it, i also love fable2, and i adore just how much character everything has
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I'm about to play some Fable 3 right now.....and I thought this had a Fable feel to it immediately....very cool!
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Do you know what the name of the spell is?
Cause this spell looks really cool and could maybe be used in one of the future games!
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Riders of the Apocolypse ohgodddd! *flee* GREAT art!
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it made it into the game, but not like that, you start off summoning hobes and then whatever you kill you can summon for a short time , so anyone for mass killing bloodstone with shadow balvarines?
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I don't know this game - but the artwork is great nonetheless.
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