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Atlantean Port

By PeteAmachree
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"Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Aryas, there was an age undreamed of."
Personal work, inspired by Vitruvius, Robert E. Howard's Hyborean Age, Helena Blavatsky, and a chance conversation, with a sometime spirit guide.
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This Looks Like Adabat From Sonic Unleashed, & I Love It!

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This image really drew me into a whole new reality where such expanses and majestic constructions existed. I'm quite sure it did, sometime in our Earth's glorious past. Thank you for this amazing piece!

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You're most welcome. It was great fun to paint.

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Nice perspective!!! I love the colors too.

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I'm glad it left a good impression. :)

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Marco Is Amazed Emote

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Thank you. Sometimes to stars align with your Wacom pen, juuuust right. :)

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The perspective is superb. Makes you wanna take a good look, until you're immersed into the scenery. A sense of awe wouldn't be out of place if one was ever to come across such a building in reality.
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I can't imagine shuffling to the location in your slippers and dressing gown, no. :)

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Maybe if one was to come on a ship and then come out only after the ship has reached its glorious destination. :)
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Thanks very much!

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Amazing work on the water and use of an angle to show the scale and greatness of Atlantis, and neat designs on the architecture and ships. 
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Thanks very much! I'm glad you liked it.

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oh man, this is so cool
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This is fantastic, well done.
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Ah, as soon as I seen the thumbnail I thought thats Atlantis before even seeing the title. Somewhere deep our memories remain.
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Atavistic, primal and very real. Yes, ancestral memory is indeed a thing.

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Thank you! I'm glad it left a good impression.

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