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A trip to the theatre

Personal piece. Some more steampunk whatnot
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Hi! I was impressed by your wonderful painting. If you don't mind, can I reveal the source and write it on other websites for non-profit purposes?

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Be my guest, But send a link please.

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This is gorgeous! :love:
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Thanks very much. Of all my work, it does seem to generate the most 'ooos' and 'ahhs' wherever I post it. Dunno why. :)

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You're welcome! I've just always loved this kind of stuff! :D
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Aw, what a cool piece ! ;)
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Just wow, the atmosphere is really exciting, I'm a fan OMG OMG Love  
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 This makes me feel so relaxed  .....  Happy that I got this table here in the coffee shop with this perfect view 

great at scenario and fantastic artwork 

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Excellent (impressionist?) rendition!
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This piece is SO good, I could feel myself getting pulled in it Meme (Mind Blown) [V1] 
Keep up the great work! 
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Really cool how you managed to capture the feeling, wow!
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1. Mammals (Daemon)
2. Birds (Daemon)
3. Reptiles (Daemon)
4. Insects (Daemon)
5. Northern Witches
6. Gyptians
7. Ice Bears Armoreds 
8. Servants
9. Gobblers
10. Samoyeds
11. Nurses
12. Creatures of the His Dark Materials
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1. Men and Fathers
2. Women and Mothers
3. Kids and Children
4. Grandparents
5. Uncles and Aunts
6. Policemen
7. Scientists
8. Waiters
9. Workers
10. Teachers
11. Doctors
12. Aristocrats
Marvellous work, would you be happy for me to include this picture as a background to an audio portfolio? I would provide full credit of course.
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magnificent painting, reminds me of Caillbotte (?) pictures of Paris in the 1890's.
the lighting in the center brings right past the walkers to the figures under the viaduct, an extraordinary effect.
(this comment by R McMurry)
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wow i love this so much! just wondering did you design the building before you start this painting? cause the design are really unique!
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This is my favorite digital drawing ever!! I hope i'll be as good as you sometime:))
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Seampunk whatnot is wonderful whatnot!! ;)
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The atmosphere you put into your work is just amazing. All the lights coming through the windows and the mist and rain. I love the details of the street lamp and the cool corner on the building with the glass front. The buildings are so cool. It makes you want to go there. You are amazing.
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