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Whats the point 2

Updated the original, made it more atmospheric and edited a bit..wanted a new print.

To cut a long story short, this piece cost me 60 hours community service, and a £600 / $1200 fine!

The original Video of the project - including public footage from monday!

On the westcountry news

My photo on front page of the paper

Another shot of paper

See the other deviation for more info

The original - [link]


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Ive been looking for this picture again. Ever since I originally saw it, I was inspired to break the law in the name of art lol.
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This has been featured in my Journal -> [link]
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You have been featured:[link] <3
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Love it! Great job.

I would love for you to come make some conceptual art in every tunnel in my city. How come others don't perceive it as inspiring and joyful when artists like yourself create something creative like this? Besides our fellow DeviantArtists of course...
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I love this man! <3
LevisPhotography's avatar
I had a lot to say about this...but thinking it over, it sounds redundant...
..I really like the concept rather than the photograph, though..
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this is so creative!
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its just cool!
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fucking bastards giving you a jaw dropping fine for creating fine art...what the hell
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Your art has been featured in my latest journal; thanks for the great work :salute:


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This pic is even better a second time... Replay value, that's a rare sight here on DA... :thumbsup:
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wow...this is absolutely amazing.
i think its beautiful, and worth it.
i hate graffiti laws, especially when its against stuff this artistically minded!
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lovelovelovelove this!
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The price of art can be high, but we still do it to make a... point.
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heh, what people will do for art...
nice. :P
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I think the trouble was worth it! This is a beautiful piece.
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w0w! really awesome ! some rich artlover should pay you the fine. [and do the community service]
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I like it a lot!
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Yet another favourite of your works. Saw the video, crazy.
P3xelArt's avatar
just a great idea and nice composition!
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