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Made for dc freestyle, I really like the outcome, was good working with nelson again, we have a few more collaborative efforts also which you will see soon :boogie:
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realy, sick...

How long did u rendered this ?
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God that's sexy. +fav
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What the... Quake 7? :D
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Nice ! I love this wallpaper !
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this is amazing....
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so freakin' cool!
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This is such an overwhelmingly incredible piece, wow nice job guys!
resound's avatar
good abstract !!!
vibgyor's avatar
thats insane perspective
keep it up
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wow, conveys such an awsome sense of speed, the detail is outstanding, really wicked piece
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:clap: Biutifull work +fav
ulricca's avatar
very cool...

I much
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looking good mate, what programs did yas use?
cyan-avion's avatar
awsome work you two :clap: :clap:
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Awesome job, no words around it. Love the depth and the colors
wow i your abstract was really nice and inspiring ^^
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this is great i think it has a whole matrix vibe going for it...u know those evil machiney things :p
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hey nice design u created, im new to tis website, wat programs do u use for tis?
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cancer's avatar
Now this is the shit. Then again, it is what we all came to expect from you :)
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i dont remember if i made a comment

its one of few works that really amazed me
"perfect" is not enough ;)

it remainds me the city in "ANIMATRIX" (i guess some of you have seen it)
episode 2 or 3... cant remember
but its really good and beautiful

bottom line - Well Done my friend. Well Done
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