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Minimalistic Wallpaper by =wirestyle and ~norbi


Anti Fraud Sysmatics
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..just realized i first saw this deviantion almost 8 years ago..! :D
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My inspiration is back thanks to this wall. Great colours!
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it's like the ocean
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Pure class........
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wow , one kuestion! : which is the name of the font of the title in down of the foto: " anti fraud sysmatics " ???
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good work you two. nice feeling
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I just love it!!!!!
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Beautifu;, beautiful shapes, patterns, background espeshially! Another great examplt of your style.
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ah fuck, now i see what you mean. yeah they both have that similar aqua blue and clouding. hmmm...
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Yep similiar colors :/ I never even saw s4 before now (that I can recall). So it was purely coincidental :) Nice wall btw wirestlye, lol.
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I really love the color and flow of this. Really earthtoned, this is my new desktop for sure!
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i'm speechless....
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Brushes is used,defenitly.
Not anything new i haven't seen before on DA but it's ok :)
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well the work is good but it look very similar to dmcz's works (this one :[link]) same idea same layout ... only some vector elements added and colours changed.......
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I love the color combination on this one. But it still looks like a rough sketch to me...
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This blows my mind. Airy catastrophe. Great, great collab!
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its now on my desktop and looking pretty crisp too B¬)
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wow - i'd love to be able to churn out work like this!
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Very beautiful and very calming. You have just the right shades to make me think of a beautiful day at the beach where the weather is somewhat calm, on a sunny but cool day.
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