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Promo image for new fruit drink being launched in the US, I also designed their website too, you can see more on my new site when its released :)
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Great art :) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
Fereshteh-eslah's avatar
very nice color!like this
Toop's avatar
Definitely looks appealing, you have me convinced ;P
lemontea's avatar
Smooth design.
Uribaani's avatar
Great advertisement.
death-by-spoon's avatar
Hahaha so fresh, airy and bright. I love the color scheme especially! It's citrus-y without being neon or to bold!
p0rkytso's avatar
you did very well! i wonder if it would be successful enough to launch world wide, wouldn't mind giving it a taste if it looks as good as the design ;)
JaxeNL's avatar
looks "fresh" mate, haha good job!
Dygera's avatar
When will the website be finished?^^
fadliawan's avatar
I don't care about the drink. Its graphic is one of my favourite styles... :brushteeth:
snakeart's avatar
Pleasant pallette choice Pete, vibrant, fruity and playful. Probably exactly what the client wanted, just making their product visually appealing. Pity you couldn't play with more of a concept, but most clients just play it safe these days. And this should surely appeal to a large audience, good work man.
aarora's avatar
Nice outcome here man. Great choice of colors and loving the brightness. Got me thirsty now.
1401604's avatar
:O :O :O
perfectly stunning and beautiful~
Heartage's avatar
Holy crap it's so bright it's blinding.
But in a good way, I think.
adi-yagami's avatar
well the bright is ok
i think is to realse the bottle
to call the attention
i think that =)
and the butterfly are so beauty
is a feminine touch and with the fuits makes the balance in the image
Jinberdeem01's avatar
that's nicee pete
zerofiction's avatar
I love this. Great job!
Kong5232's avatar
already wanting one lol
danand92's avatar
Very nice, a little to bright for my taste, but still awesome. ^^
kakiii's avatar
nice! makes me wanna go buy this drink! :D
TooMuchCoke's avatar
I have a question: did you only use PS? because I consider studying communication design in about 2 years and the only program I feel comfortable with is Illustrator but I think I have to learn this kind of art too.
Could you send me a link to a tutorial for similar things?
rodrigozenteno's avatar
perfect combination, nice AD
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