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Lebron James - Nike

Model : Lebron James
Client : Nike

An illustration for their House of Hoops store in New Jersey, 2 / 5. I will be releasing some of my new work leading up to the launch of my new website, aeiko v7 next week..
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Wanna Sprite Cranberry?
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The King is back in Cleveland ! 
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Tutorial? Please!
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^^ What he said, that would be cool.
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he is on the heat now. Cleveland was in the past. They still suck even if they had him. They also suck in about every sport they compete in.
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ooooo perfect :))
how i wish i could do that! dang!
i have that exact lebron jersey and i play like a nba superstar when i wear it lol great pic
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Good work!

Perhaps consider joining an active graphics community where you can enter in competitions and receive critique on your works?


If you join please add "Pro™" in the referrer field. :D
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nice work,bro......
do you have tutorial??? :)
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I was gonna say something anti-Bron, nut this is actually pretty darn good
this is awesome dude I love it ..
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absolutely amazing colors, the work itself is complex , love it
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Beyond amazing! =D
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