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Flowing Paradise WP

Flowing Paradise by Pete '=wirestyle' Harrison and Peter '*he1z' Jaworowski.
More summer submissions coming soon...
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Hello :)
I´m a graphic designer and at the moment i am creating a mockup for bag designs.
It looks like this:

I still need some designs for preview purposes and i wanted to ask you kindly if i can use this artwork for it.
I will not sell or print your design in any way.
And of course i will feature you in the description of the mockup, so that people get linked to your design.
Thanks in advance, i´m looking forward to your reply :)
pete-aeiko's avatar
Preview purposes? I dont understand could you explain a bit more? Are you planning to sell these bags in the future?
h3design's avatar
no :P
i create mockups for bag designs.
The mockup is a .psd file with a bag with a blanc area for the design, and you can load in any design with just 1 click and it will look realistic. So a person doing bag designs can show his clients a relaistic look of the design in use, and not just a flat image.
This is my mockup:

But people like to see how the mockup works, so i apply example images to the mockup. With your design it would look like this:

I dont print or sell your design, i just show how the mockup looks with a design applied.
You would really help me out :) And in return, ill feature your design in the description so that people get linked to your deviation.
pete-aeiko's avatar
ah ok I guess thats cool then, let me know once its live and send me the link on here :)
h3design's avatar
cool :)
here´s the final preview:

the product will be online in 1-2 weeks, i can send you a link then if you want :)
Kong5232's avatar
Hay wire, i unfortunatly havent talked to you in so long that you must have forgot about me but i love this one, You need to make a ad for cocacola. this is so cold i shit my pants to warm up
angel-terra's avatar
It looks so calm and peaceful... beautiful!
AzikBlaze's avatar
I'm keeping this as my desktop. It's such great artwork and works perfectly as wallpaper. :#1:
omikron1989's avatar
this is effin sweet!
DarkMetroid's avatar
Really awesome work. :)
Kate1212's avatar
TriEarth96's avatar
Really. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this. =o)
Great Job. Very Creative.
DjTank's avatar
It looks so dynamic, fantastic really.
beamay's avatar
This is so beautiful!!
If its not on full view, it looks like a crystal/a sapphire/ice crystal.. its really beautiful
Infantmind's avatar
Ah very delicate work with hejz, like this alot.
Really sweet and smoothly done. Great colours and a great concept! :D

I like this little wallpaper. I'm adding it! :+fav: :D
Teadux's avatar
Oh shit that's nice :) :+fav:
katagana's avatar
great concept, great colors!
darinART's avatar
great job! I love it!
DaKrunt's avatar
Looks amazing! This relaxing yet calm tone really tears me apart in an endearing kind of way ; )
Th3-ProphetMan's avatar
This is one of the most amazing wallpapers i've seen. Total Masterpiece!!
FuNKeR2oo1's avatar
WOHOW! This is definately a must:+fav: :D

Good work. Very calming artwork I think.

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