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Sealed Petboys
By PetboyJoshua   |   Watch
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Mature  |  Published: February 2, 2012
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I'm glad I'm done with that one.
It was fun to do, though ! I wanted to make my colouring look more rubbery than usual, and even though it doesn't really look like rubber in the end, I love how it came out !

For the mature version, just check my random mature galleries. :I I'll probably put it on my tumblr too, that'll give me an occasion to actually find an use for my tumblr account. Which is kinda born dead.

Before starting to get into petplay in real life, my pet characters were roleplay characters I created only for online roleplaying dem naughty fetishes I had. The backstory isn't the same for Joshua when I draw him, and Joshua when I'm actually being him, same for Râkhshasa and Pan.

Usually when I draw them, they're guys trapped in some kind of parasite suit, while they're actually born like that when I'm doing live roleplaying. If you're interested in learning more about my weird RP stuff, here's how I imagined those suits worked :

-I call it a "parasite" suit, but it doesn't actually have a will or something like that. Actually, it obeys to the will of the first who links with it. The link is made simply by dropping a few drops of blood on it. Of course, if you want to control it, you have to put some of your blood, not the blood of something else.
Note that the one who links with the suit cannot be parasited by it (well, he can put it on, though, but it won't have any effect).
(From now on, I'll call the one who controls the suit the Owner, and the one inside the suit the Victim.)

-When someone put the suit on, the inside becomes extremely sticky, starting to merge with the skin, even changing its wearer's body fonctions. The victim don't need to breath, eat, or excrete anymore. He also loses most of his facial features.
It's not possible for the Victim to take the suit off, as it's fully sealed once worn.

-The victim is usually left in a state of almost total sensory deprivation, it's then up to the Owner of the suit to give his hearing or eyesight back. "Almost" total, because one of the senses becomes a lot more efficient : the touch, making the victim's -new- body highly receptive to strokes, or also changes of temperature, for example. But then again, the suit's Owner can change this, and let the Victim in a full sensory deprivation.

-It's not possible for the Victim to talk, even though the suit usually lets appear a vague hollow at the place of the mouth. He's just able to make muffled moans.

-The suit/skin of the victim is rubbery, and some parts of the body are slightly transparent. Unless it's being changed by the Owner's will, it presents two small hollows : one where there should be a mouth, and the other one where the anus should be. Those are softer than the rest of the body, making deep penetration easy.

-The colors, as well as some elements of the shape, are also modifiables : The Owner can turn the hands into fingerless paws, add more or less rings to hook the Victim on something, bend the victim in ways that would be impossible for an human body, fuse a part of the body with another, or even choose to not let him genderless (though it won't be possible for the Victim to ejaculate).
Because customizable slaves are great. Seriously.

-The victim keeps his memories and consciousness, so it's up to the Owner to break it or not, the suit can't alter the mind (though being changed into something like that could easily make someone go crazy).

-The Owner is the only who's able to remove the suit from the Victim, thus allowing him to revert to his human form.
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GalerieLeNeko's avatar
Gasp! I just hope their Owner is kind enough!
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
That was very interesting to read =3
SuperRookie721's avatar
SuperRookie721Hobbyist Digital Artist
Gosh that's an amazing concept. If only these suits were real
Xanness's avatar
.....why does this turn me on so much?
lycratic's avatar
lycraticStudent General Artist
great explanation!
superdimentiobrolyX's avatar
superdimentiobrolyXHobbyist Digital Artist
I love this concept, it would be a fun rp I bet
domon80's avatar
my god i wanna wake up with this suit
BlueTaffy's avatar
BlueTaffyHobbyist Digital Artist
dat bulge
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phantomdotexeProfessional Writer
maskedpilot's avatar
The way you describe and illustrate these suits makes my want to be closed in one myself.

Simply amazing.
PetboyJoshua's avatar
PetboyJoshua Digital Artist
Thank you !
misteredziu's avatar
Would be great to have it as a wallpaper in a bit higher resolution...
I love your work :)
KaiHitanji's avatar
KaiHitanjiStudent Writer
Awesome work :D
PetboyJoshua's avatar
PetboyJoshua Digital Artist
Thanks !
KaiHitanji's avatar
KaiHitanjiStudent Writer
No problem :)
QuirkyIceHeart's avatar
QuirkyIceHeartHobbyist General Artist
So sexy... What an amazing fetish. I need to work on such a thing because just looking at this hits me very hard. Amazing work; looks great.
PetboyJoshua's avatar
PetboyJoshua Digital Artist
Thank you, I'm glad you like it, I always try to think about the whole "how does it work" stuff when I'm drawing something. :)
QuirkyIceHeart's avatar
QuirkyIceHeartHobbyist General Artist
You seem really good at it :)Some people just slap stuff down without thinking about it much...
Creative-Inversion's avatar
A customizable slave does sound perfect! <3
They all look like fun ;3
PetboyJoshua's avatar
PetboyJoshua Digital Artist
It sure does. ;)
Typofest's avatar
TypofestStudent Writer
That's actually pretty hot :iconblushplz:
PetboyJoshua's avatar
PetboyJoshua Digital Artist
Thanks !
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Wow, they are a lucky group of boys! The picture is amazing by the way ^.^
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