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Vault Dweller Snow

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This would be a cool cosplay to do!😎

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Now if only Disney would do a cross over with Fallout. To many to love, but this one got me to become a fan of your work.
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Would it be acceptable for more to use this for my first tattoo?
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I think this is my favourite one! ♥

All of them look wonderful, but I think Snow's style suits the 50s-ish style of Fallout, and of course all the wasteland critters would help her out! Animal Friend x 10. :p

Nice work!
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is it possible to get these at higher resolution? thanks
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hahahaha thats fucking awesome
thegreatshaggy's avatar
I can see Snow White singing 'I don't want to set the world on fire' with mutants popping out of holes to attack her...well minus the cute little Mole Raties. Maybe she's best friends with Moria Brown.
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The fact that I just ended up here from a Yahoo article just made me go wtf?
13671Onin's avatar
High Charisma type Snow White uses her singing voices to manipulate beast to her beck and call. Those poor dumb animals, (except the dog, he's awesome).
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dude! she could easily sic an army of Deathclaws on the Enclave with ease
SassEffect's avatar
Such an awesome idea, so creative <3
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