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Welcome to Petarie

Hello! Welcome to Petarie, the place to be if you want, own, or admire pets. :love:

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Frisky Felines

Devoted Canines

Cuddly Critters
Hamsters, Ginia Pigs, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets, etc.

Alluring Aves

Aquatic Swimmers
Fish, Turtles, Frogs, etc.

Creepy Critters
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Gallery Folders

filou one week old by theladyinred002
how Little Beau growed up by theladyinred002
playful by madacha
Romeo Xmas by icehippie
Frisky Felines - Cats
Thoughtful by black-cat16
Redhead II by black-cat16
Redhead I by black-cat16
Kicini swinusia i punie by lenakoziel
Devoted Canines - Dogs
Shadow Resting In The Sun (Edit) by HomeOfBluAndshadows
2 3 2017 Img 2017 Edit by HomeOfBluAndshadows
Sun Light On The Couch  4 (Edit) by HomeOfBluAndshadows
10 11 2016 (Edit-Img 1892) by HomeOfBluAndshadows
Cuddly Critters - Hamsters, Ferrets, Rats, etc.
Squirrel portrait by ErkanKalenderli
Squirrel feeding time by Aishlling
Rat Karl by Jiffka
Rat Mars by Jiffka
Alluring Aves - Birds
Kiss My Underfluffies! by Brushfeather
Yes Iam the center of universe by TheShinyOne333
'Tiel With It Pin Set: BACK US! by Brushfeather
Great Horned Owl Happy Halloween by youlittlemonkey
Aquatic Swimmers - Fish, Water Turtles, etc.
34- Sea turtle by Rikkimaru129
Fire whale by Rikkimaru129
Aquarius by TheShinyOne333
Burst of Colorful Life by AnthonyPresley
Cutie Crawlies - Land Turtles, Frogs, etc.
Little King by JonShotFirst
Leap of Love by sG-Photographie
Scale Model by JonShotFirst
Lashes II by JonShotFirst
Creepy Critters - Spiders, Snakes, etc.
Veridiantensity by JonShotFirst
Little butterfly by Mimgroth
Assassin Bug by black-cat16
A grasshopper by black-cat16
Friendly Farm Pets - Because We Love Them Too
Miss Moo by silvershadoww
Bull fight reference 2 by TiiaTanner
Not very good first impression ... by TiiaTanner
Bulldoser by TiiaTanner
Zoo Pals - Oh My
Blue deer by Rikkimaru129
Free zoo by Aishlling
Close encounters with Bambi by Aishlling
Bambi by Aishlling
Buddies - You+Pet, Dog+Cat, Bird+Cat, etc.
Meg Feather with her hamster by lenakoziel
Best Friends - Artwork
Bosco The Black Cat by youlittlemonkey
Perfect Pet Contest 2010 Winners
The Dog Named Kitty by SinMisericordia21
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For those who are wondering, 3x Submissions Per Day is the limit, it seems. :D
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Hello i would like to know if this group is only for photos or digital art also?
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I might have already asked you this, but is there a submission limit?
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digitalbird06 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
thanks for accepting my photos! :D
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Hey, where do I put photos of my tortoise? He's not an aquatic swimmer, nor a creepy crawly. XD
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:iconreindeerplz: Merry Christmas! Thank you for your suport!
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Where would I submit a photo with both a dog and a cat in it?
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