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Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, obviously.
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Perfect!!! It is what we have in our minds.
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Congrats, your wonderful work is nominated for our "Eye Candy at the day" :iconsoulcollectors: today you find your work on our main page and also here [link]
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There is so much going on in this picture. Would you tell me what was in your mind when you painted it? The trees, the wedding ring, the pointing finger . . . (did I miss any?)
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I don't like explaining my pictures, it feels too much like dogmatising. If you see something in the image, then it is there, and if not, then there is nothing. And, like I have said before, it is usually more about the feeling the picture gives (or doesn't give) than it is about the concept. I use concepts like I use colors - a blue color gives you a blue mood, that's why you use it, and a "blue" concept has the same effect.
But I guess I can say that this, like most and if not all, of my pictures are about solitude and separation and and the feelings of belonging in one way or another. They are lonely little pictures...:)
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I love everything you make; the style, the concept, THE EVERYTHING! =D
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You mean all that "growing" sort of thing has been because of marriage or something? :shrug:
The ring... The ring...
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Or maybe the lack of growing is because of pointing (and the growing is because the other one does not point)?
Which ever way you wish to see it...
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I really like this piece though, the one thing that pops out to me other than the tree is the ring on the first sister and how the second sister has no ring. Is there a purpose for this? Is it connected to the tree in some way?
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You've been featured here: [link]
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i'd love to hear the story behind their different brain... ehr, tree :D
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no words can explain how much this picture takes my breath right out of me...i love this it just so glorious :heart:
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Very nice one! and it's in the... italian style! :)
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how interesting, iv done some pieces similar to this haha not near as good though

hey, names josh
im going around to random people in search of honest criticism on some of my newer works of the project 6 series under my gallery

do you mind helping me out by telling me your thoughts and opinions?

it would be greatly appreciated

all critcism is welcome

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