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He remembered
how big the houses used to be
when he was a child.
And the trees so tall
only the bravest in his class
dared to climb them.

All of that had changed.
He was a king now.
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The king probably ate a few trolls.
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I've featured your work in my journal! [link]
Greetings :D
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i love this one!!
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It reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail...
Very interesting drawing
JustSimplyaGirl's avatar
I adore it with the description. :)
sleepykittehn's avatar
great work you're an amazing artist=)
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nice art style!
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He's kinda....lonely.

I pity him :)
sabbio-cannelier's avatar
This is really melancholic!
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Featured: [link]

Merry Christmas! :heart: :D :holly:
pesare's avatar
Thank you. :hug:
:snowflake: And merry christmas to you too! :snowflake:
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my pleasure! :D and Happy New Year! :D
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I agree with the whole selling pictures for storybooks.

Have you thought about illustrating kids books? Or, do you illustrate kids books?
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For some reason the first word that comes to mind when I look to that work is "poetic". And that was eve before I read the comment
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this is so charming. i just love it!

i keep seeing your work but haven't had much time to really comment on anything of late. you are so good, so talented, and so imaginative. i just wanted you to know that. :)
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great piece of art!
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Great work, from the thought to the painting itself.. :rose:
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It is so strange when you realize everything's changed - you, people around, the world... And especially the process of growing up is like the world is loosing it's magic :(

So it is really good not to forget about that child we used to be :)
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Yes. But the world never looses it's magic - people do.
We think we know everything just because we grew up to be a king... But
there's a lot going on inside those little houses that the king can never see.
My thoughts exactly! That's what this reminds me of - growing older and looking around to find that the world isn't quite as magical and mystical as you once supposed it was.
But yes, we should always remember what childhood was like!
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beautiful i love it.
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Like a child when he becomes adult, everything of the past seems so small...great work again. :)
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