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Enter Dark Mocha San part 1
for: Sitinuramjah 
looks like there's a mysterious somebody gripping Mocha San's wrists, and groping her left breast, as she was showering. but, who is she? and why is she acting so sexual towards Mocha San? 
should I do an art pack? if so, how many pictures should be in that art pack?
Shygal shenanigans cover art
the lines across their busts and booties means the fabric on their shirts is being stretched by their boobs and butts.

Main Characters (left to right):
Sally: An outgoing girl with a beautiful bust, who's super enthusiastic and nice to everyone.
Juliana: Sally's younger sister, who has big breasts, due to her mother's breast milk having some sort of magical side effects. Her sweater's skirt was too short, due to Jullianna's breasts being too big, so they had to cut her skirt off, and put both belts above and below her breastline. So, she can't cover up her panties, but she doesn't really seem to care, at least she gets to show her thin waistline. 
Luna: A teen pop singer who's not that busty, but has a fantastic booty. Because of this, she named her pop music dance group, bootylicious. She's gone on many tours, and been in other music videos with 1 or 2 of her backup dancers, without their famous booty shaking moves. 
Glenda: An adult thong bikini bondage model who's famous for her sexy body. Known for having the softest, bounciest breasts, the smoothest, tightest booty, and the biggest, thiccest thighs, she's also done pictures of her, not just bound, but with other shygal groping her private parts. 
Lucy: A young girl (one year younger than Juliana) with a big bust, inherited from her mother. Shygals on the streets would always ask her if they could grope her boobs. She would accept their requests every once in awhile, but not often.
Dana: A beautiful teenage girl who would always accept a request for somebody to grope her, or spank her booty, with her hands bound behind her back. Up until Lucy and her mom Ruby moved into town, she would always get all the attention. Almost all of the time, she just walks around with her hands bound behind her back.
Ruby: Lucy's mom with a bigger bust than her daughter. When she wan young, she'd always accept requests for a shygal to grope her. She never got tired of the attention, and loved walking around town with her boobies just bouncing around.

the location the this comic series will take place in, shygals live in is a village in a forest far outside of the mushroom kingdom. 

this is a collaborative comic series I'm doing with :iconnachosaurusrex: 
Jasmine bondage
for: :iconboundlightning: 
I hope you like it. if you don't that's okay. 
Sabrina my new pumpkinsona
My new lusty busty pumpkin oc.
(no, wait, uh...)
she's got a whole lot of lust, but a lot more bust. 
(now, wait, I got it this time.)
she's uh... uh... she-she... uh... darnit! yeah, I need more new material. but anyway, here she is, Sabrina, a busty pumpkin oc, that as a bit of a lusty lesbian side to her.
Busty Weisel (gift For Tempson)
Persimmon and Harriet snuck into the pool late at night, and Persimmon didn't wanna go, but Harriet insisted. they were about  to leave, and Persimmon was putting her sweater on, when she decided to take of he r swimsuit, just as she was putting her head through the neck whole, but then she realized her latex swimsuit was stuck on her body because water tightens the swimsuit, Harriet snuck out, and Persimmon got caught, tied up, and gagged bu the nightshift worker. now she's about to be put in the man's front seat, reported to the police, and droven of to jail. (sorry, Tempson, couldn't think of a better story, this is all that I got out of my story.)

Persimmon and Harriet - :icontempson:
anyone want me to do a boob grab image for them?
I have an undertale au comic planned for you all. 
Let me know wha5 bondage stories you want. 
Alice was just strolling through town, when she felt someone grabbed her skirt and pull her into an alley way. She woke up, hands in a reverse pray tied to a chest harness, crotchrope digging deeper into her Vagina and now popping booty, her breasts looking big and blusterous like her booty, legs tied in a frogtie and spread apart, gagged by a bandana cleave gag, all the while dawning a sexy white bikini with pink hearts. She was struggling her life out, but it was no use. She was in a 1 meter by 1 meter metal room. She knew she would be here for a long time.




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