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EDIT:  Holy potatoes, Batman! 

I've been trying to thank everybody individually, but that has proven a truly herculean task against the tsunami of messages and new faces washing over my inbox!  I'll try to respond to everybody, but in case I don't, consider this my great big THANK YOU to everyone! 

This is just...phenomenal beyond words.  Thank you guys SO much, and best of luck to everypony! 


After four and a half years of being here on DA, I've finally reached what I consider to be a rather impressive milestone--I've reached my 100th watcher!  Frankly, I'm ecstatic to know that one hundred different people have viewed my art and decided that I am worth following--as an artist, I don't believe there is any greater compliment than that.  :-)

So in return for being so kind to me, I want to do something nice for all of you, my watchers!  I'm holding a pony plushie giveaway contest, and everyone who watches me is automatically entered for a chance to win! 

Here are the rules:

-- You must be a watcher. 
-- You must create a journal entry explaining the contest, and it MUST link back to this journal! 
DO NOT DELETE THIS JOURNAL AFTER YOU HAVE POSTED IT!  If you are drawn as the winner and you do not have a journal about this contest with a link back here, YOU WILL NOT WIN! 
-- The winner will be drawn on September 30 around midnight, EST using a random number generator.  Winner will be able to choose from any of the Mane 6, Derpy, or a basic OC (I reserve the right to refuse any OC designs that I find too complicated). 
-- The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my contacts, after which the prize will be forfeit and I will draw another winner. 
-- I will pay for shipping if the winner resides in the continental US.  Otherwise, the winner will be required to pay postage. 

And there you go!  Have fun, and good luck! 

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