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TTA 30th Anniversary poster

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TTA: Tiny Toon Adventures

Today marks 30 years of Tiny Toon Adventures. This show takes place in Acme Acres where a group of toon students go to Looney Tunes school called Acme Looniversity. Among the students who attend it are Buster Bunny, Babs Bunny, (no relation), Plucky Duck, and Hamton J. Pig.

Got a favorite episode? Favorite character? Please share here.

Tiny Toon Adventures intro:…
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Gargoyles,Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventure,Freakazoid(Dexter Douglas),Ferngully, Cool World,Thumbelina,Batman TAS, Superman TAS, Captain Planet And Magic School Bus are my Childhood!
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That bring back memories.

~Stay Classic~

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I love you fifi
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Kozak-the-InsomniacHobbyist General Artist

This makes me feel like an old man because I remember when this show was new.

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Cool happy 30th aniversary to them

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I wish Warner Bros. Animation was like this now.

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TaylorSunshine20Hobbyist Artist

Happy 30th Anniversary To Tiny Toon Adventures!!

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Happy 30th Anniversary Tiny Toon Adventures!

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This was one of my favorite 1990s cartoons

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Cambie Beaver TTA

& Here's a custom character whos friends to all those Li'l Looneys cartoon named Cambie Beaver be's to Steven Spielberg with WB.👍

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