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Shirt - The Indigo Gos

another zelda shirt design I came up with- this time my little metal like tribute to the indigogos - MAjoras mask was a pretty hard game- not one of my favortes but cool none the less-

Its up for sell here [link]

the interesting thing with this piece is I did the whole thing using my friends samsung slate tablet thingy- I was planning on getting a cintiq sometime in the future but that tablet blew me away - its very precise and the pressure sensitivity works like a charm
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I'm not too fan-girly but I would buy this shirt. 
Satiem's avatar
That is sooo awesomely cool! I want one
Squirrel1993's avatar
its not being sold anymore i was saving up for so long for it t.t
Pertheseus's avatar
Yeah sorry about that I had to remove it because I recently licensed it to Sanshee - stayed tuned to there site as they should have it up soon [link] Also the quality of the overall shirt and print will be much better as opposed to Red bubble So you should be able to get it soon :)
Tigris13's avatar
When I saw this I was first like this ---> :rofl: Then I was like this ---> :love:

Awesome picture!!!
bass89man's avatar
This looks sick! Could make for a badass tattoo
nmil2526's avatar
Where do I get one!?! This is the coolest shirt design ever!
MaHut-MaHotTub-Light's avatar
That's so rad it would be an awesome tattoo :D
MaHut-MaHotTub-Light's avatar
I hope someone gets it done!
zelda-linksgirl's avatar
Ordered one! :D Awesome!
Dhro1984's avatar
dude... thanks for my new ps vita background! lol
on the homo side... i miss u man, wish i could get to c both u and C sometime in the near future.. im dying for all u guys to meet emma...
Pertheseus's avatar
papi conectate en borderlands es lo q teiens q hacer
nesesito uno de los shields esos otra ves hahaha
Dhro1984's avatar
jajaja pues voy a tener que rentarlo o algo porque ya no lo tengo mano
drucpec's avatar
Whoa this was done on Samsung Series Slate?? So Photoshop CS Series runs smoothly on it?
Pertheseus's avatar
yeah thats the one- couldnt remember the name of it- its freakin awesome its not mine but I installed photoshop cs5- sketch book pro - Ive seen people working with z brush on it - But I was really surprised with the pen input Its like having my portable photoshop/wacom tablet -
drucpec's avatar
that is so cool! I had a Cintiq but the screen got shattered. I have been wanting to buy another one
but after reading reviews (just now since you told me about it) I am wondering if I should get something
like this haha!
Pertheseus's avatar
yea its a little more expensive and smaller than a cintiq but it is a stand alone computer not a monitor so guess thats makes up for everything elsesince its not mine I want to get one but I will wait a little more just in case they make more improvements
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bro you are way too talented
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