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OVERKILL - shirtdesign

A collab I did with my Friend Bamboota for I got some shirts - posters and Iphone cases at my red bubble- I beleive it ended up being 6 colors -

shirt - [link]

poster - [link]

Cases - [link]
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AngelicLionheart's avatar
Ha! I'm wearing that shirt right now.
Just discovered your dA page for completely unrelated reasons.
Wow. Small world.
teammates's avatar
Wat is the symbol on the blue flag?
SNAKER2D2's avatar
thats awesome nice job
SPARTAN-180's avatar
You should do 'Kilimanjaro' next.
Raulboy's avatar
That is incredibly awesome.  Consider the shirt bought haha
237-IndefiniteTruth's avatar
Quirkilicious's avatar
Love the stuff you have up on RedBubble!
warsol12343's avatar
awesome!!! you should do some halo4 :)
Neilss1's avatar
Fooking love this design soo cool!!!
SuperApartmentBros's avatar
Woah, very cool, nice work! Great detail on it, love the small touches!
ZBlayde's avatar
Is that circle with four stars inside it a reference to Dragon Ball, or is it the symbol of the achievement? Sorry, it's been a while since I've played Halo. Very nice artwork as always, though.
Pertheseus's avatar
it really has nothing to do with dragon ball - its actually the medal you get for performing an overkill or 4 kills in a row
jwalka's avatar
very nice indeed :D
Vamperator's avatar
Pretty cool. Do these Sigils mean anything?
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