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  • Listening to: Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack
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  • Watching: Various anime
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XIV and Mystic Messenger
  • Eating: Memes
  • Drinking: My sins
I have not been on DA for a long time and I think the general cause of it is 3 things; personal life getting in the way, motivation and the fear of getting art theft. I have only so far uploaded drawings scanned from papers and recently I have been feeling more confident of drawing more stuff on the computer and I have so much I want to draw haha, I plan (or more like I have planned but not gone through it) kind of making a makeover over my profile and stuff, planning on submitting more stuff to this site in the future, I know I use the word future a lot haha but I don't really have a time schedule regarding drawing stuff, if I get inspired I draw, simple as that, and then actually uploading it to the web...that's another issue all together lol

But I'll "try", I'm planning hopefully soon actually getting my butt in gear and start uploading stuff, so look forward to it! :heart:
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Submitted on
September 23, 2016