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well the title says i seem to like amvs recently...hehe... well is there anything to write here...? hm...well...i guess i can start the "tag thing" that my dear friend made me to *glares at neko-chan81* but what can i tell you guys about me...well since i'm lazy i'm going to steal some of neko-chan questions and answer goes *inhales*

1. i love anime, manga, cosplay, tintin (xD), asian dramas, jmusic and a lot more i could add but wouldnt fit...

2. i dont like people who is blaming others to not do a certain thing when the person itself does it, i dont like when people comment on stuff (youtube, DA, facebook etc) and just post mean things when if they dont like it why are you even there and watching it if you jsut going to insult or hurt someones feelings? TELL ME THAT HUH?! sorry i went other thing that i hate is that some people cant see the difference in japanase or chinese (or taiwan for that matter!) they think that the asian people have the same alphabet...(i could go on and on about this..) well next question! *sweatdrop*

3.when i was little i wanted to become a vet, mainly beacuse i love animals but i dont think i could do it (faints at the sight of blood *shivers*) so maybe a mangaka? or a writer...i dont know...

4. you could call an how to say....hardcore otaku? I at times can be really quiet and patient while in toher cases i can be happy and fangirl-ish but that would be creepy somehow...

5. I have to gerbils (desertmouses) and yes they have hair on the tail...(seriously everyone asking that, got any problems with rats or what?)

6. I love all the people that s important and hope they love me too...<3

7. I dont like spiders expect for the big hairy brown ones ( I KNOW ITS WIERD!) but i hate mosquites so much *flaming eyes*

8. well i dont think i got any talent but according to my friend Emma, she says that i always seem to remember quotes from movies whenever someone mentions a word or mening that reminds me of something from a movie, and i dont wanna brag but if this could be considered a talent i would say that i can memorice more than 30 japanese songs to sing even if instrumental version of the song or textless. hehe...

9. I like all sort of games ranging from japanese RPG games to classical shooting games (like star wars 8D) or sport games (like baseball and american football)

10. well basically i'm a quiet hard-core otaku who can snap at random things which piss me off (like hibari lol..)

and i tag these people!:

  • Listening to: Fran - Special illusion
  • Reading: bakuman
  • Watching: yugioh 5Ds (cardgames on motorcycles?!?!)
  • Playing: Megaten
  • Eating: candy :3
  • Drinking: water...i guess?
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neko-chan81 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010
haha....i agree on the second one! and dont look at me like that!* backs off because of the glare*^^;
PersonaUserRaven Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
BlackSheepNaru Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010
i agreed on u with on the second one , ppl piss me off sometimes...

...i got tagged again? D: oh well...ill do it..but u have to read it then! ><
PersonaUserRaven Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2010  Student Digital Artist
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Submitted on
November 10, 2010