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My Dearest Friend

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Published: August 20, 2018
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["A smile better suits a hero..."]

The Vault.. I hated it.

The other day, as I leveled an alt, I came to that point where the WOL meets Haurchefant for the first time, and I just felt so sad. I stood there, pretty much like I did at the end of the Vault, just looking at him and doing nothing for a little while. Silly enough, it was feeling nice to see him alive.

I’ve played quite a few MMO’s and this was the first time I bawled like a damn baby over a character death. It took ages to calm me down the first day, and I still got misty eyed for days after. I think for me what made this death more touching than any other was strictly in the execution. You aren’t just some bobble head watching from the sidelines like usual, you’re -involved-. You hold his hand, he speaks to you, your characters expressions shift to match the pain they feel from such a loss. To this day I’ve never seen Naoh'a (an my alt Kamui) look so destroyed in a cutscene and I doubt I ever will again. How your character acts in cutscenes matter, and the more involved they are the more connected you can feel to what is going on in my opinion.

But above all else, Haurchefant had been there for the longest time. He was a true friend to the WoL, a companion, someone you could actually trust. I think this is one of the crowning achievements in storytelling FFXIV has released thus far. I hope they do more things like this in the future, for both good and bad moments.

He took us in, when everyone was after us, even though it could have been bad for him too. He tried to cheer us up after everything that happened with his words and his warm drinks and he was really worried about us all the time. Haurchefant also gave us the black chocobo as a present. No other character was that nice to us and you got the feeling that he truly cared for you and not see us as some kind of weapon or a solution for the many problems like others did. (I mean what did the great heads of Limsa, Gridania and Ul'dah give us after we took care of all these primals and other threats? Nothing much, only more problems we have to take care of... and yet here he comes and just presents us this chocobo which he raised up...).

Also drawing this with Dragonsong on repeat in the background made me cry again so go figure lol
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I love him and this is bittersweet, the picture bitter but your summary is sweet.