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[Infografia][ES] Persona TimeLine

Infografía que muestra los años de lanzamiento de los juegos de Persona (al menos los principales) para que podamos darnos una idea de la cantidad de juegos y la cantidad de años que llevamos jugándolos.
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How come you didn't include Tokyo Mirrage Sessions #FE?
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Simply because it's not a Persona game nor even a Persona spin-off... It would be a Megaten spin-off that went through a lot of changes turning out completely differente than the developers and consumers were expecting. And the worst of all... Even though it's a "Megaten spin-off", it shares more similarities with the Persona franchise.
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I don't know what you mean by "worst of all".
It's still more of a Persona-game than Catherine, though.
Besides, it's one of my favorite RPGs in recent history. If they were trying to make a It's-Persona-But-Not game, I'd say they succeeded with flying colors.
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'Catherine' wasn't a Persona game though. It was in no way a Persona game, as all the mechanics and even the story-line were vastly different from even the mainstream Megaten games.  Yes, Vincent had a cameo appearance in P3P, however that game isn't considered canon. His appearance in PQ was also a cameo appearance, as his appearance was as a doll in one of the festivals, and outside of that, he's never made another appearance.

Trying to say Catherine is part of the persona-line series is like saying The Hitoshura is part of the Digital Devil Saga spin-off series because he showed up as a final boss.
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Midna88  You have a good and valid point right there. But I guess we're all forgeting something here... This timeline is not a "story timeline" of what is canon and what is not  and in which momment takes places each game. No, this is a timeline of the release of each of these games. You know, each iteration until we reach Persona 5.

And the reason why I included Catherine and not Tokyo Mirage Sessions is because TMS wasn't even developed by the same team as the other Persona games, and because I felt TMS was more of the Shin Megami Tensei branch than the Persona, even though they end up making it that way, but at the begining, it was going to be a SMT X Fire Emblem, not Persona X Fire Emblem; I don't know why they stick to the "Persona formula" though. 

But if I were to put TMS in another timeline like this, would be a timeline of all the Megaten spin-offs, not Persona's ones. 
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... You're trying to tell me why Catherine belongs here while TMS#FE doesn't... right?
Because it seems like you're actually just defending my point.
I'm confuzzled. :confuzzled: 
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Ya tienes tu copia del P5? ;3...Yo tengo la TYH de PS4 .. Unica unidad, unica reserva, y es mia >w<

Ademas hace poco hice un dibu de P5!. Compruebalo en mi galeria

Muy buen trabajo con la recoleccion!
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Sip. Justamente ayer pude ir a recogerla. Tengo la Take Your Heart Edition del PS4 y la versión del PS3 (porque no tengo PS4 para jugar mi otra copia pero quería adueñarme de esos geniales extras). 
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Catherine is part of the Persona time line? I thought it was a stand alone story. ^^; 
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It is a spin-off. But since Vincent was featured in Persona 3 Portable, I decided to include Catherine as part of this timeline. Anyways... This is a timeline of the years each game were published and not a timeline of the game's stories 
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